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Absolutely Lucy #1: Absolutely Lucy

by Ilene Cooper Amanda Harvey

Bobby Quinn is shy. In fact, he's so shy, he has trouble making friends. But that changes when he gets a squirmy little puppy for his birthday. Unlike Bobby, Lucy isn't shy at all. And to his surprise, she keeps dragging him into all sorts of adventures--and friendships, too! In this heart warming story of a boy and beagle's friendship, Ilene Cooper begins the series that has charmed young readers and dog lovers alike.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Absolutely Lucy #5: Lucy's Tricks and Treats

by Ilene Cooper David Merrell

Ilene Cooper's fifth story of a boy and his beagle follows Bobby and Lucy as they roll with the tricks and treats of Halloween.Tricks and treats-that's what Halloween is all about. This year, Bobby has lots of both! He has a special treat planned with his beagle puppy, Lucy. And the tricks? Bobby is getting those at school with the new kid, Jack. Bobby can't figure Jack out. And ever since Jack arrived, things have gone missing around the classroom. Halloween has never been so mysterious!From the Trade Paperback edition.

Absolutely Lucy #6: Thanks to Lucy

by Ilene Cooper David Merrell

Ilene Cooper's sixth story of a boy and his beagle follows Bobby and Lucy as they celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in their own doggy way. Bobby has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. He might soon become a big brother, his grandmother is coming for a visit, and he's absolutely thankful for his mom's pies, especially the pumpkin ones. But the number-one thing Bobby wants to give thanks for? His dog, Lucy. Lately, though, Lucy hasn't been her usual frisky self. She's quiet. She seems unhappy. Is something wrong with Lucy?

The Annoying Team

by Ilene Cooper

Tim has a big problem. A big, tall problem named Jon. Jon always teases Tim. Then Tim gets the idea to start the Annoying Team. With the help of other kids who hate being picked on, Tim can bug Jon back. But will being annoying ever get . . . annoying? From the Trade Paperback edition.

Buddy Love: Now on Video

by Ilene Cooper

Buddy Love comes from an average sort of family, gets average kinds of grades, and is the type of guy who is, basically, average. Even Buddy's friend Ron seems to think Buddy's only talent is helping Ron look good, and Ron's just come up with his best idea ever of how to do that. Everything changes for Buddy with the arrival of a brand-new camcorder. When Buddy decides to tape his family and friends for a school project, he is in for a few surprises. Through the cameras lens, Buddy suddenly sees that there is more to his family than he had ever realized-maybe they aren't quite so average after all. And Buddy begins to think perhaps he doesn't have to agree to every humiliating scheme Ron dreams up, because it just may be that there is more to Buddy Love too.

Little Lucy

by Ilene Cooper John Kanzler

Learn to read with Ilene Cooper's adorable beagle puppy, Lucy!Lucy likes to run. She likes to bark. She likes to chew and howl. But when Bobby and his family take her to a lake, she finds out there's one thing she doesn't like--the water!Step 3 (Reading on Your Own) is for children who are ready to read independently. Step 3 titles have stories with easy-to-follow plots and engaging characters.

Look at Lucy!

by Ilene Cooper

Bobby is so proud of his puppy Lucy. She's a terrific friend, and a great dog. So when a local store has a pet contest, he happily enters Lucy in it. But it turns out the pet that wins the contest may be featured on TV-with its owner! Bobby is shy. He doesn't like attention. But can he face the spotlight . . . for Lucy? The third story of a boy and beagle's friendship is perfect for young dog lovers! From the Trade Paperback edition.

Lucy on the Ball

by Ilene Cooper David Merrell

Ilene Cooper's fourth story of a boy and his beagle takes Bobby and Lucy into the wild playing fields of grade-school soccer.Every kid loves soccer, right? Not Bobby. He likes to watch sports, but he doesn't really like to play them. He'd rather play with his beagle puppy, Lucy. But when Bobby's friend Shawn begs him to join up, Bobby finds himself stuck on a soccer team with a stern coach and several kids who have a knack for the sport. Even Lucy is better than Bobby at moving a soccer ball down the field!From the Trade Paperback edition.

Lucy on the Loose

by Ilene Cooper

When Bobby Quinn got a beagle puppy for his eighth birthday, his whole life changed. Lucy helped him forget his shyness and make new friends. But now Lucy's taken off after a fat orange cat, and no one in the neighborhood has seen her anywhere. What will Bobby do if his best friend is gone for good? In this sequel to Absolutely Lucy,Ilene Cooper continues the irresistible story of a boy and his beagle.

Oprah Winfrey

by Ilene Cooper

Oprah Winfrey has been called the Queen of All Media for good reason. During her more than thirty-year career, she has left an indelible mark on radio, television and books. One of the influential people today, Oprah is also a committed humanitarian.

Queen of the Sixth Grade

by Ilene Cooper

All the girls at the Kennedy Middle School fawn over Veronica, the undisputed queen of the sixth grade. So when she tells the other members of the exclusive AKG (Awesome Kennedy Girls) club that Robin is out, Robin doesn't have a single friend left. Robin feels pretty sorry for herself - until she puts her unsuspected talents to use. Suddenly a new queen reigns over the sixth grade.

Star-Spangled Summer: Five Holiday Friends

by Ilene Cooper

"Lia, Maddy, Kathy, Jill, and Erin are the Holiday Five, close friends from summer camp who meet on holidays to keep the good times going...and to help each other out when times get bad. The Holiday Five can't wait to go back to their beloved Camp Wildwood for another summer. But are they going back? When the five girls have a picnic on Memorial Day to discuss the summer ahead, Erin is hiding a guilty secret: her family doesn't have the money to send her this year. Next, Kathy's father decides he wants to drag her along to Europe for a "family vacation" with a stepfamily she doesn't really like. Finally, Jill's coach tells her that she may have the opportunity to fulfill a dream by going to skating camp. But Jill wonders, is being a skater really more important to her than everything else in life? With all these issues, only Maddy and Lia seem sure to return to Wildwood. The girls say they'll still stay friends even without camp to hold them together, but they know they're probably kidding themselves. So the Holiday Five hold an emergency meeting. Together, they know, they're up to tackling any problem--but what if there are three problems? Are all their friendship and good intentions enough to keep them together when everything else is pulling them apart? Ages 8-12"

Showing 1 through 12 of 12 results


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