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The Cambridge Atlas of Herschel Objects

by James Mullaney Wil Tirion

This superb, all-purpose star atlas is the first of its kind devoted to observing the Herschel objects with binoculars and telescopes. It displays over 2500 of the most visually-attractive star clusters, nebulae and galaxies that were discovered by Sir William, Caroline and Sir John Herschel, and is a must-have for stargazers who want to explore these fascinating objects. Covering the entire sky from the North to the South Celestial Pole, and showing all 88 constellations, it is also a general sky atlas showing variable, double and multiple stars, and the Milky Way. Written by experienced observer James Mullaney and illustrated by renowned celestial cartographer Wil Tirion, this is a magnificent 'celestial roadmap' to some of the finest deep-sky showpieces. Spiral bound and printed in red-light friendly colors for use at a telescope, with color-coded symbols for easy recognition and identification, this is an all-purpose observing reference for all amateur observers.

Choke Hold (The New Destroyer #2)

by Warren Murphy James Mullaney

Where there's smoke ... there's billion! Pity poor tobacco tycoon Edgar Rawly. Thanks to lawsuits, government meddling, and the inexplicable deaths of many of his best customers, his megabucks industry is gasping its last breath. That is, until the introduction of the Cheyenne Smooths, Rawly's latest product-not quite tobacco, not quite legal, and more addictive than crystal meth. Suddenly customers are once more beating a path to his door. That's when the bodies start piling up. Seems people are not only dying to taste the flavor of a Cheyenne Smooth, they're killing for it. Enter Remo Williams, the Destroyer, and Chiun, the deadly Master of Sinanju. They've been sent to kick some butt, but wind up in danger of being snuffed out themselves. Turns out Edgar Rawly is not the only shady character to recognize the value of the Cheyenne Smooths, and things really start to heat up when Remo bumps into a cult of ancient Chinese assassins, an Asian crime lord, and a worldwide addiction that just might send civilization up in smoke...and dump the Destroyer on the ash heap of history.

Disloyal Opposition (Destroyer #123)

by James Mullaney

When a former soviet general turned black market assembles a particle ray gun in Burkly, and then turns on the hippy anarchists who hired him, it is time to send in Remo and Chiun; the last masters of Sinanju.

Guardian Angel (The New Destroyer #1)

by Warren Murphy James Mullaney

An ancestor of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana gets involved in a scheme by one of America's top industrialists to reclaim parts of the American southwest for Mexico, creating his own country called Nuevo Mexico. Remo and Chiun and Cure must stop this scheme, for it would mean war between factions of immigrants on the US side and the US and Mexican armies. Also involved is a worker for a software company who thinks Remo is her guardian angel sent to aid her in her search for her cousin who attempted to sneak across the border.

The Last Monarch (Destroyer #120)

by James Mullaney

Dr. Smith thaught he was having a bad day when a former president calls him to say that the Sinanju mind washing technique given to him when he left office had worn off. When the president is kidnapped from his hospitla room by eco-terrorists before the master can redrain his memories to be delivered with a "peace bomb" to middle-eatern PLO leader, it becomes a race aginst time for Remo and Chiun to rescue the president and prevent a new rash of hostilities from erupting in the region.

Prophet of Doom (Destroyer #111)

by Warren Murphy James Mullaney

The secret of Apollo's Delphi Oracle is discovered. It is put to use to foretell future events for profit. Problem is, it is being used by a religious group that Smitty thinks could go like Waco. Remo is sent to investigate. Meanwhile, in the area around the church, many young girls are being kidnapped, including the daughter of a senator.

Waste Not, Want Not (Destroyer #130)

by Warren Murphy Richard Sapir James Mullaney

Remo and Chiun are sent to investigate a machine capable of vaporizing the world's garbage. Final Mullaney offering for the series.

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