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Blackbird Lake

by Jill Gregory

From New York Times bestselling author Jill Gregory--a heartwarming, romantic novel of a rodeo champion who returns to his hometown and unexpectedly falls in love--with a beautiful young woman and her tiny daughter. When rodeo champ Jake Tanner returns to Lonesome Way, Carly McKinnon may be the only one not happy about it. The last thing she wants is Jake finding out about her daughter--or rather, their daughter. Since their one-night fling years ago, Carly has been a great parent on her own. And the footloose Jake isn't the sort of father she wants for little Emma. But once Jake learns the truth, he wants to be a part of Emma's life even if he's not going to be a part of Carly's. Even though the pair agrees to try to be friends, they soon find that being "just friends" isn't so easy. The red-hot attraction between them sets off sparks they thought they had left behind. Despite their rocky past and uncertain future, can Carly and Jake find their way into each other's arms--and hearts?

Larkspur Road

by Jill Gregory

In this touching new novel by New York Times bestselling author Jill Gregory, a woman comes face to face with a love from her past and finds the chance to heal... Fifth grade teacher Mia Quinn expected a tranquil summer in her hometown of Lonesome Way, Montana, sewing for her quilting group's exhibition fundraiser and caring for her rescued dog, Samson. But all her plans for a relaxing break are thrown out the window when Travis Tanner--the boy who broke her heart in high school--returns to town with his ten year old adopted step-son. A former FBI agent, the boy Mia once knew is now well over six feet of male muscle--and he still has the power to make Mia lose her train of thought with just a glance. When Travis asks her to tutor his troubled son, Mia quickly discovers that the sparks between them are hotter than ever. As danger comes to Lonesome Way and family secrets come to light, will Travis and Mia realize that love can be even better the second time around?

Looking Glass Years

by Jill Gregory

Her heart's destiny soared on the wings of time... Elly Forrest, a woman who dared to dream. Hers was a life of laughter and tears, heartache and joy. From the industrial boom of Pittsburgh in the late 1800s to the windswept grandeur of Chicago, she held fast to her dreams of success-despite the odds. ... Despite the handsome brute she married...The spoiled aristocrat who ravaged her sister .. The fire that nearly destroyed her passion... And the one man she loved more than life itself... Dramatic and moving, this epic saga of timeless love will capture your heart. Jill Gregory, the bestselling author of Moonlit Obsession and Promise Me the Dawn, presents the most beautiful and stirring novel she has ever written. A reflection of the human soul, as radiant as your deepest dreams...

Moon Shadows

by Nora Roberts Jill Gregory Marianne Willman Ruth Ryan Langan

Romance and magic meet by the light of the moon in this all-new all-star collection of Celtic tales from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts and New York Times bestselling authors Jill Gregory, Ruth Ryan Langan, and Marianne Willman. .

Night Thunder

by Jill Gregory

Josy Warner has to get out of town--fast. A favor for a friend has plunged her into deadly danger--and sent the topflight fashion designer fleeing New York to a place where no one knows her name. The tiny Wyoming town of Thunder Creek may be more than the answer to a prayer. It could hold the key to her past...and the only family she has left in the world. The last thing she expects is to fall for a rugged man of the land--a handsome widowed sheriff who calls to the wild places in her own heart. Josy Warner's arrival in Thunder Creek has set tongues wagging and ranchers vying for her attention. But if there's one thing Ty Barclay knows, it's a woman in trouble. As his attraction to the secretive beauty deepens into fierce desire, Ty vows to keep Josy safe at all costs...even when the dangers of his job bring a killer after them. Now, with perilous night crashing around them, Ty and Josy are fighting for their lives--and a love that can lead to the most glorious future of all: forever in each other's arms.

Once an Outlaw

by Jill Gregory

To the lawman, she was the greatest danger of all. . . . Did he steal her heart -- or did she give it away? A newcomer to Forlorn Valley, Emily Spoon vowed never to lose her family or her land again. Here was the future. Uncle Jake and the boys could go straight. She could set up her own dressmaking business. But her dreams for a fresh start turned to dust when a stranger accosted her, demanding to know the whereabouts of the Spoon gang. Heaven help her, Emily had never seen a man so handsome. Only later did she learn his name: Clint Barclay, the sheriff who'd destroyed her family -- and now threatened her resolute heart. . . . Clint Barclay rode off, unable to forget the rifle-toting, icy-tongued beauty from a family of outlaws. Emily Spoon swore they'd gone straight, but Clint knew better -- he'd jailed the Spoons before and knew he'd do it again. . . . Then one stunning, burning kiss at a dance changed everything. Suddenly Clint realized that he'd found the only woman he'd ever really wanted -- but he couldn't have her . . . not unless he was willing to sleep with the enemy for the rest of his life. . . .

Once Upon a Castle

by Nora Roberts Jill Gregory Marianne Willman Ruth Ryan Langan

Four enchanting, new tales of castles, spells, and happily-ever-afters. . . "Spellbound" by Nora Roberts A bewitchingly beautiful lady casts a thousand-year love spell on the man of her dreams--and unleashes a nightmare that only true love can conquer. "Castle Doom" by Jill Gregory A Gypsy's prophecy spells love when an unlikely pair join to fight the unltimate evil--and find themselves in their own battle of hearts. "Falcon?s Lair" by Ruth Ryan Langan A young American travels to England to free her father's friend from a fatal curse. . . and discovers a helping hand from a charming, handsome spirit. "Dragonspell" by Marianne Willman With the help of a meddling sorceress, a brave young princess sets out to save her kingdom--and wins the heart of a dashing warrior along the way. .

Once Upon a Kiss

by Nora Roberts Jill Gregory Marianne Willman Ruth Ryan Langan

Love, passion, and desire. It all begins with a kiss. . . A World Apart #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts A ravishing medieval Demon Slayer arrives in 20th century New York to brave a strange new world--and a man who will be her destiny. Impossible Jill Gregory The battle between two warring families becomes a battle of the sexes when a bewitching beauty finds herself kidnapped by her sworn enemy. Sealed With a Kiss Ruth Ryan Langan Her father may have given her hand in marriage to a fearsome warlord, but it's his trusted warrior who captures her heart. . . Kiss Me, Kate Marianne Willman A lovely American inherits an English manor and her dreams of romance come true when she meets an enchanted prince. But is he her one true love? .

Once Upon a Midnight

by Nora Roberts Jill Gregory Marianne Willman R. C. Ryan

All-new tales of love and enchantment from the New York Times bestselling authors of Once Upon a Kiss.

Once Upon a Star

by Nora Roberts Ruth Langan Jill Gregory Marianne Willman

Ever After Nora Roberts Wearing an ancient star pendant, an enchanting woman journeys to an otherworldly land - and introduces a skeptical stranger to the magical powers of love... Catch A Falling Star Jill Gregory Force to marry a barbarian to save her embattled kingdom, a young woman invokes an ancient spell - as an unexpected passion consumes her heart... The Curse of Castle Clough Ruth Ryan Langan While appraising the contents of a haunted castle, a beautiful professor uncovers a shocking series of secrets - and falls in love with a desperate lord who's fighting to save everything he holds dear... Starry, Starry Night Marianne Willman Rescued by a mysterious man on a stormy night, a lovely lady is drawn into the tragedies of the past - and finds that true love always stands the test of time...

Once Upon A Dream

by Nora Roberts Jill Gregory Marianne Willman Ruth Ryan Langan

Roberts heads the cast of writers that includes Jill Gregory, Ruth Ryan Langan, and Marianne Willman in delivering all-new tales of dreams and desires. Roberts' story, "In Dreams", concerns a beautiful woman who is drawn to a castle in the forests of Ireland and becomes the link to a stranger's past.

Once Upon A Rose

by Nora Roberts Jill Gregory Marianne Willman Ruth Ryan Langan

Love blossoms like the luscious petals of spring's very first rose... Winter Rose #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts On a remote island cursed with eternal winter, a young queen heals a wounded soldier--and warms her heart with the joys of true love... The Rose and the Sword Jill Gregory An exiled princess's last hope for recovering her lost kingdom lies with the embittered prince she is pledged to marry--a man as impossible as he is irresistible... The Roses of Glenross Ruth Ryan Langan Sheltered in an abbey in war-torn Scotland, a lonely lass tends a haunted rose garden--while a heroic soldier basks in the pure glow of her love... The Fairest Rose Award-winning author Marianne Willman Embarking on a dangerous quest to win the hand of a princess, a bold Irish warrior falls for the one woman who has the power to save his life--and hold his heart... .

Once Upon A Star

by Nora Roberts Jill Gregory Marianne Willman Ruth Ryan Langan

Four all-new stories of romance, passion, and magic. . . "Ever After" by Nora Roberts "Catch a Falling Star" by Jill Gregory "The Curse of Castle Clough" by Ruth Ryan Langan "Starry, Starry Night" by Marianne Willman .

Rough Wrangler, Tender Kisses

by Jill Gregory

She called him cowboy. He called her princess. Caitlin Summers had come west for one reason only: to sell the Wyoming ranch that had belonged to her late father. But Cloud Ranch wasn't hers to sell--not as long as foreman Wade Barclay and his two brothers were majority owners. According to the will, Caitlin couldn't sell her share until she'd lived there. . . for a whole year! For the debt-ridden Philadelphia beauty, the situation was intolerable. She never imagined that the rough, infuriating wrangler would awaken every tender emotion buried in her heart. To Wade Barclay, Caitlin Summers was just a spoiled society girl--even if she was also the daughter of the man who'd been a father to him in all but name. Caitlin had broken her father's heart when she and her mother left Wyoming, and Wade had no intention of letting her do the same to him. But living together under the same roof was hard on a man. One stolen kiss was all it took to make him wild with wanting her. As the days passed, Wade knew he desperately needed Caitlin--in his bed, in his heart, and by his side forever in this wild, beautiful land he knew she'd never call home. From the Paperback edition.

Sage Creek

by Jill Gregory

After her marriage falls apart, Sophie McPhee returns to her hometown of Lonesome Way, Montana, planning to steer clear of men and focus on her new bakery, A Bun in the Oven. Who she doesn't expect to see is Rafe Tanner, her first crush who now runs his family's ranch-and who spent most of their childhood ignoring her. But is Rafe a changed man? While Rafe is stunned to discover that Sophie's grown into an irresistibly beautiful woman, he's been hurt too. They both have their guards up, but melt in each other's company. Can they admit that home is truly where the heart is?

Sunflower Lane

by Jill Gregory

A heartwarming new novel by New York Times bestselling author Jill Gregory about taking a chance on passion, trust, love--and finally healing the past . . . For Annabelle Harper, summer in her hometown of Lonesome Way, Montana, means a chance to make a home for her orphaned young nieces and nephew. It's also a chance to find a new direction for her life--one that doesn't include romance. So when rugged Wes McPhee shows up back in town, she has every reason to keep him at a distance... Even unhappy memories can't keep Wes from returning to Lonesome Way to help his grandmother recover from an injury. And his fear of commitment isn't enough to make him resist the tantalizing heat that he feels whenever he's near Annabelle. But can a wandering man like Wes ever settle down? When an old enemy comes to Lonesome Way, and their dreams of love are threatened, Wes and Annabelle must fight for the future their hearts have always wanted.

Thunder at Dawn

by Jill Gregory

TWO LONG-AGO LOVERS. ONE UNFORGETTABLE PASSION. Prosecutor Faith Barclay has made a successful career putting bad guys behind bars. But the work is starting to get to her. Haunted by the one misstep that set a stalker free, Faith escapes to her family's cabin in Thunder Creek, far from the big city and the recent menacing calls that have her spooked. When she arrives, she encounters another kind of danger: Zach McCallum, the sexy, wild-hearted cowboy who walked out on her ten years before. A SECOND CHANCE IN THE TOWN WHERE IT ALL BEGAN...Zach will never forget those hot, lazy nights in Faith's arms he prayed would never end. Now the beautiful attorney is back in the Wyoming town where they first tasted passion, and this time Zach is determined not to let her get away. But someone else is watching over Faith, leaving threatening messages-someone who has tracked Faith all the way to Thunder Creek. And as passion and danger ignite, it's up to Zach to protect the fiercely independent woman he never stopped loving-no matter what the risk....From the Paperback edition.

Thunder Creek

by Jill Gregory

In a place called thunder creek, two wary hearts are about to get a second chance at love. When Katy Templeton fled her small Wyoming town and its painful memories, she thought she'd said good-bye to Thunder Creek forever. But now the prodigal daughter has come home. Home to the relentless ghosts of the past. Home to Jackson Brent, the lean, hard cowboy with the lazy smile--and the last person on earth she ever wanted to lay eyes on again. Time and tragedy had come between them, but Jackson never forgot his best friend's kid sister. The coltish beauty blossomed into a stunning woman, burned by love yet unafraid to take on the whole town to get justice for her family. Katy blames him for her beloved brother's death, but as she digs for answers about that fateful day fourteen years earlier, there is someone ready to kill to keep her from getting them--and Jackson might be the only one who can save her. He wants her safe--and in his arms, but Katy can't rest until she discovers the truth. Fighting her red-hot attraction to Jackson, Katy risks everything--even the yearnings of her own heart--to unravel the truth about her brother's death. From the Paperback edition.

When the Heart Beckons

by Jill Gregory

Historical romance.

Wolf River

by Jill Gregory

New York City children's author Erinn Winters is haunted by a past no one knows, and dark visions of death and danger that come to her without warning. But when a desperate search for her estranged sister leads her to Wolf River, Montana, Erinn suddenly finds her secrets, even her very life, at risk. And after meeting notoriously sexy Jase Fortune, Erinn finds herself in another kind of danger--she could lose her heart. Jase Fortune is as committed to staying single as he is to running his booming family ranch--until mysterious, gorgeous Erinn shows up. But someone is out to destroy the Fortunes, and Jase finds himself willing to do anything to protect not only his family but Erinn too. As the peril mounts, so do Erinn's and Jase's feelings for each other, but the promise of love is threatened by deadly secrets and vicious enemies, and a killer who will stop at nothing.... From the Paperback edition.

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