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AKA: Marriage

by Jule Mcbride

A vow of vengeance... For years, undercover cowboy cop Shane Holiday had tracked Lillian Smith's every move, watched her every curve until he made her the offer she couldn't refuse- marriage. Shane's looks had nothing to do with it, Lillian said. She needed a husband to adopt the baby she craved. Now, with a baby in her arms and a cowboy in her heart, she hoped her secret past was behind her... It was only to be for a few weeks. ive together and pretend intimacy. But a "wife" and "son" tamed Shane, bringing the lone wolf from the Lone Star State to his knees. He'd married vowing vengeance- but would he become a husband and daddy for real?

The Baby Maker

by Jule Mcbride

Had His Mere Touch Made Her Conceive a Child? He was an enchanting stranger......a dark-eyed drifter so compelling, Bitsy Davis bared her soul, telling him she couldn't have children. Her mesmerizing prince comforted her without so much as a single kiss. But weeks later, Bitsy got shocking news: she was pregnant! Now he had to claim her son....For years the stranger haunted Bitsy's dreams-until she found him hiding in her hometown. Living under an assumed name, "Ambrose Carpenter" had secretly befriended Bitsy's son. And now Bitsy vowed to deny his astonishing claim-that her son was also his!

Baby Romeo: P.I.

by Jule Mcbride

ACCIDENTAL DADS ONLY A PINT-SIZED DETECTIVE COULD SOLVE MCSWEEN V. MCSWEEN! Late to stake out a suspicious wedding, luscious lawman Sean McSween didn't need a new partner--especially not one in diapers! Even worse, New York's finest was still juggling bottles and binoculars when he got the shock of his life--the bride under surveillance was his own estranged wife! Britt Buchanan had no use for her sexy ex, but when Baby Romeo flashed her a gummy grin, the heiress fell head over heels for the little loverboy. While Britt investigated her latest case--identifying the matchmaking baby as McSween's son--McSween considered divulging his best-kept secret--that his divorce from Britt wasn't final!

The Baby & the Bodyguard

by Jule Mcbride

Had He Been Hired to Protect His Own Daughter? When bodyguard Anton Santa moved into Cyn Sweet's Manhattan penthouse, Cyn's pint-size daughter thought her Santa letters had been answered-and that she'd just gotten a daddy for Christmas! Cyn knew her little matchmaker needed protection, since the three-year-old was the mascot of the family toy store. But sexy Santa reminded Cyn of a Christmas past and a thief who'd stolen her heirlooms-and her heart!Santa-thief and master of disguises-was guilty as charged. Still, he suspected Cyn had stolen something far more valuable than the family jewels-his fatherhood!


by Jule Mcbride

Signe Sargent has it made in Manhattan. Fab girlfriends to hang out with, a line on a hot new job and a crush on Gorgeous Garrity, the Big Apple's #1 bachelor. Except he's not quite responding to her charms, so for fun Signe casts a love spell on him.Amazingly that night she gets her man- in bed-for some very good sex! Problem is that next morning it's clear he's the wrong Garrity brother. James is a mere Park Ranger, no wealthy business exec. Signe wanted Frat Boy; she got Nature Boy instead. Though James is very appealing....Meantime James can't believe how quickly he's fallen for sexy Signe after just one night together. Is it love, magic or her wacky spell that worked too well? And what happens when the love spell wears off?

The Bounty Hunter's Baby

by Jule Mcbride

Valentine's Men NEW ARRIVALS Had he been hired to track the mother of his own child? Remy Lafitte was charismatic--a tracker of men, a seducer of women, a Cajun healer. But one steamy New Orleans night, it was prim attorney plain Jayne Wright who won the man's heart. Months later, when Jayne vanished before her society wedding, her unwitting fiancé hired Remy to haul her back to the altar. But sizzling memories of Jayne and Remy's one-time tryst couldn't be ignored. Especially not when the bad-boy bounty hunter discovered Jayne was pregnant--and possibly with his baby!

Cold Case, Hot Bodies

by Jule Mcbride

REALTY LISTING: A Slice of New York's Naughtier History!Charming old building in Manhattan's historical 'Five Points' District. Former brothel complete with unsolved murder mystery and legend of missing jewels. Currently belongs to the Donato family, although ownership is being contested by Cassidy Case (who needs those jewels really, really badly). For more information, contact gorgeous top cop Dario Donato, who is babysitting the building due to tenant reports of supernatural activity. . . Call for a viewing today! Be warned, though--ever since their unintentional sex romp, Dario and Cassidy haven't come up for air. Maybe they'll come to some kind of 'arrangement. ' And yes, sex is likely involved!

Cole In My Stocking

by Jule Mcbride

HE'D FORGOTTEN HIS OWN FAMILY! When Cole Rayburn awoke in a wild West Virginia blizzard, nothing looked familiar. Not the neighbors welcoming him to his cozy country cottage, not the two grinning kids calling him "Daddy"...and especially not the beauty claiming to be his estranged wife. Cole had amnesia, but he was still able to bear simple gifts and perform everyday miracles. Soon enough, the sexy Santa had restored Holly's faith in the season. And she and the kids decided they wanted Cole for Christmas. But Cole's memory could return any time. Would he discover Holly's little white Christmas lie--that he wasn't really her husband?

Diagnosis: Daddy

by Jule Mcbride

Years ago, seven mysterious matchmaking millionaires secretly started an adoption agency in Manhattan called Big Apple Babies... Francesca Luccetti wanted it all--including motherhood. Except she didn't want--or have--a man. But when she meets sexy cowboy Winston "Doc" Holiday, Frankie is stopped cold by the fiery heat of sexual desire she finds in his arms. Doc had traded in his ranch--but not his boots--for the concrete canyons of New York, where he's called upon to play hero by a hysterical cabbie with a pregnant woman in his back seat. But it's only after he's delivered the baby that he sees its mom, Frankie, the very woman he's been unable to get off his mind for months--nine months, to be exact.... Has he just delivered his own baby?

Hitched by Christmas

by Jule Mcbride

Luke Lydell, former state cop, current cowboy and part-time private investigator, was supposed to be Claire Buchanan's joke bachelorette gift from her four sisters, her bridesmaids-a last hurrah before her Christmas wedding to wealthy rancher Clive Stoddard. But Luke wasn't laughing. Growing up an orphan dumped on the steps of Lost Springs Ranch for troubled boys, he'd always wanted Claire, a rich rancher's daughter, for his own. So this time, he's playing for keeps....

The Hotshot

by Jule Mcbride

A MATCHMAKING MOM WILL SECRETLY TURN HER THREE BIG APPLE BACHELORS INTO MILLIONAIRES-BUT ONLY IF THEY MARRY!Bachelor #1, Officer Truman Steele, has seen it all. By night he's hot on the trail of a foot fetishist who's stealing expensive designer shoes. By day he's stuck on a media drive-along with a sexy, ambitious reporter. Tru has a case to solve-he doesn't really want to be some kind of poster boy for the NYPD. And he's got to find himself a wife- pronto-or kiss his fortune goodbye!Trudy Busey has a nose for news-and it's clear Truman's got something up his sleeve. But she's also a sucker for a man in uniform...and out of uniform, he's quite an arresting sight. But Trudy has places to go, headlining stories to write. She can't let herself be driven to distraction by some Manhattan maverick...can she?

How The West Was Wed

by Jule Mcbride

Sweet-talking charmer Jackson West has quite a way with the ladies--and a reputation to uphold. So when the cowboy wagers he can seduce Purity, Miracle Mountain's newest celebrity, he quickly learns that he's stepped in it. Because the only way into the lady's life is for Jackson to dress up as "Mrs. Simpson", Purity's housekeeper!

I Thee Bed...

by Jule Mcbride

Wedding planner Edie Benning is under pressure to pull off the celebrity wedding of the year. The Darden nuptials have been plagued by scandal and intrigue, and now the paparazzi are closing in fast. When her trusty assistant elopes with a groom-to-be, Edie's ready to throw in the towel.Until Jimmy Delaney walks in the door of Big Apple Brides, charming his way into a temporary job and her bed. The sexy bachelor seems to know all about although he seems keen to avoid one of his own. Is Edie in for heartache now that she's suddenly fantasizing about a walk down the aisle-with Jimmy?

Mission: Motherhood

by Jule Mcbride

Big Apple BabiesYears ago, seven mysterious matchmaking millionaires secretly started an adoption agency in Manhattan called Big Apple Babies...and now Nurse Dani Newland has a mission-to penetrate the agency's security and the home of Jake Lucas, the sexy attorney who handled her baby's adoption. Luckily, some missing quadruplets bring her face-to-face with handsome Jake, and two troublesome matchmakers-Jake's young son and her elderly boss-are in cahoots to keep her there. Now Dani will do anything-for a baby she gave up...a baby she wants back...a baby that might belong to Jake!"A touching sexy tale of redemption with a luscious her, a strong yet vulnerable heroine and a wonderful cast of supporting characters"-Anne Stuart, RITA award-winning author

My Man Valentine

by Jule Mcbride

Everyone knows Eloise Hunter and C. D. Valentine are in love. Except Eloise and C. D. They think they're just neighbors. Until some good-looking hunk redeems one of Eloise's babysitting coupons by delivering an infant for her to mind. When the hunk takes off, C. D. is outraged and swings into protector mode. But protection is not at all what Eloise wants from Mr. C. D. Valentine. . . .

Naked Ambition

by Jule Mcbride

Successful musician J. D. Johnson has always had an uncanny ability to ignite Susannah Banner's naughty bits. Just the sound of his smoky drawl and she's completely undone. . . . But J. D. 's excesses are spinning out of control, and Susannah flees Mississippi for a new beginning in New York City--until eight months later, when J. D. is killed in a violent explosion. Grief stricken, Susannah is lost--until the nighttime, when she finds herself having incredibly hot sex with a man who looks and feels a lot like her deceased husband. Has she gone crazy. . . or is she getting down 'n' dirty with J. D. 's ghost?

Naked Attraction

by Jule Mcbride

One smokin'-hot look from businessman Robby Robriquet and statistician Ellie Lee wants to spontaneously combust. The sexy indulgence is definitely worth the risk--until everything goes very, very wrong....Now Ellie has left Mississippi--and Robby--for New York City, which offers new beginnings and new men, and Ellie can't wait to dig in.... Until Robby barges back into her life.Even as Robby demands her business attention, Ellie is still tempted to do naughty things with him. After all, something has to be done about this volatile attraction--and getting naked is always a good place to start....

Naughty by Nature

by Jule Mcbride

SHE WAS IN THE WRONG BED...Reputed bad girl Vanessa Verne is ecstatic when Morgan Fine seduces her-even if it is a case of mistaken identity. After all, she's been trying to get the sexy bodyguard in bed for weeks! She'd even sent herself steamy letters from a "secret admirer" to get his attention. And now that she has it, she'll do anything to keep this fine man in her bed...!AT THE RIGHT TIME!All Secret Service agent Morgan Fine wanted was a bedtime romp with Senator Verne's maid. How was he supposed to know she had swapped beds for the night with his boss's daughter? After that one night of incredible sex, he can see that Vanessa's reputation as one of D.C.'s most scandalous socialites is no exaggeration. Yet he can't wait to experience it again....

Night Pleasures

by Jule Mcbride

Edison Lone: Bad Boy. Loner. Wary. An expert at cracking secret codes-and breaking hearts.Selena Silverwood: Sexy. Vulnerable. Wary. Passionate about her writing-and in over her head.Edison can crack any kind of code invented. But even he's having trouble checking out the erotic diary belonging to suspect Selena Silverwood. Reading the plain-Jane secretary's lust-filled fantasies is more than any red-blooded man can take. He's fallen half in love with her. Now Edison's got to date her-in order to seduce the truth from those luscious lips....

Nights in White Satin

by Jule Mcbride

Bridget Benning has been on more bad dates than any woman in New York-thanks to the family wedding curse. Why, she's even applied to list her dating disasters in the Guinness Book of World Records! Luckily she has one man she can count on-best buddy Dermott Brandt.He always has a strong, sexy shoulder to cry on. He's even willing to help her break the crazy curse by snooping around the family home, which is supposedly haunted.Neither expect to end up in bed together, but they can't deny their long-simmering attraction. Can friends who become lovers deal with the changes? More important, will the wedding curse kill any chances of a stroll down the aisle?

One-Click Buy: April Harlequin Blaze

by Julie Miller Lori Wilde Tawny Weber Sarah Mayberry Jule Mcbride Carrie Hudson

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all April 2009 Harlequin Blaze with one click!Things are getting hot -- red hot! -- with the six sexy stories contained in this bundle! From fun and flirtatious to darkly sensual, there's bound of a be a book to ignite your passion. . . Bundle includes Out of Control by Julie Miller, Naked Attraction by Jule McBride, Once a Gambler by Carrie Hudson, Coming on Strong by Tawny Weber, The Right Stuff by Lori Wilde, and She's Got It Bad by Sarah Mayberry.

One-Click Buy: January Harlequin Blaze

by Wendy Etherington Tori Carrington Isabel Sharpe Lisa Renee Jones Hope Tarr Jule Mcbride

Get all January 2009 Blaze titles in one convenient download, for one bargain price!Just what you need to get rid of those winter blues: six steamy stories from Harlequin Blaze! Filled with sexy bodyguards, country singers, millionaires and marines, this blazing hot bundle is the perfect thing to warm you up on a cold winter night!Bundle includes:Every Breath You Takeby Hope Tarr,Lone Star Surrenderby Lisa Renee Jones,Naked Ambitionby Jule McBride,No Holding Backby Isabel Sharpe,A Few Good Menby Tori Carrington, andAfter Darkby Wendy Etherington.

One-Click Buy: October Harlequin Blaze

by Carrie Alexander Debbi Rawlins Kate Hoffmann Jule Mcbride Karen Foley Colleen Collins

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all October Harlequin Blaze with one click!These six sexy stories will sweep you off your feet. . . and into the bedroom! Bundle includes If He Only Knew. . . by Debbi Rawlins, My Front Page Scandal by Carrie Alexander, Flyboy by Karen Foley, Shock Waves by Colleen Collins, Cold Case, Hot Bodies by Jule McBride, and For Lust or Money by Kate Hoffmann.

The Pleasure Chest

by Jule Mcbride

Is she dreaming? New York artist Tanya Taylor is amazed-and incredibly turned on-when real-life pirate Stede O'Flannery magically appears in her bedroom ready for action. The dark-haired, green-eyed, sexy seafarer is shirtless, strapped with a sword-and those breeches? They leave nothing to Tanya's naughty imagination. But he looks just like the subject in the wild and mysterious old painting she's just bought. The truth is Stede has one week to break a fateful curse. He's got to fall in love-and fast. Good thing Tanya, with her chestful of toys, knows the most pleasurable ways to a man's heart. After all, doesn't she deserve something deliciously wicked out of the deal, too?

Prescription: Baby

by Jule Mcbride

Ford Carrington had everything-a sterling reputation as Maitland's finest pediatric surgeon, beautiful women on his arm and enormous wealth. He didn't realize he wanted anything more, until he discovered he was about to become a father. . . . Katie Topper loved her work. . . and Ford Carrington, though he didn't know she existed outside the operating room. But when they abandoned their roles and turned to each other in one night of passion, there was no going back To The way they had been. And going forward would present challenges that neither one of them could have imagined. . . .

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