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Baby for Hire

by Liz Ireland

A Desparate Daddy One look at baby Felicity's chubby cheeks and Ross Templeton almost forgot that he only needed to "rent" a baby for the weekend. Just long enough to concede his father's last wish for a grandchild. A Make-Believe Mommy No way was Alison Bennett going to let the foundling--and her modeling client--go off with this suave stranger, no matter how gorgeous he was. But exactly how did she get roped into going along as his part-time lover and the baby's full-time "mom"? An Instant Family But how long could Alison deny her very feminine, very real desire for Ross...especially when they returned home to find his dad alive and well...and planning for their wedding?

Blissful, Texas

by Liz Ireland

Chaining Herself To The Saloon Doors Seemed Like a Good Idea,but Lacy Calhoun quickly learned reforming her happily scandalous Texas town would take more than do-gooder theatrics. Even harder would be getting the better of roguishly handsome barkeep Lucas Burns, whose impertinent, intriguing stares could lead any girl astray!Lucas Had A Master Planto oust Lacy and her "civilizing influences" from the city limits.Yet living in the bedroom next to the virtuous beauty soon made putting more distance between them less appealing. He'd begun to think he'd rather help Lacy uncover the passionate woman she kept hidden beneath all that "prim and properness"!

Cecilia and the Stranger

by Liz Ireland

Desperate Trussed up in tweet and a suitably righteous manner, Jake Reed hoped he'd pass as a schoolmaster long enough to elude the gunman on his trail. But with Cecilia Summertree, the prettiest-and the nosiest-schoolmarm in the West dodging his every move, he was having a hard time keeping his mind on the classroom....Cecilia knew exactly what she'd always wanted. The freedom to do what she pleased, when she pleased. Though in all her reckoning she'd never considered meeting someone like Jake Reed. A man determined to teach her that there were a few important things missing in her life, and one of them was him!

A Cowboy's Heart

by Liz Ireland

Will Brockett Certainly Had His Hands Full His ex-fiancée had up and married while he'd been out on a cattle drive. Then she'd run away from her new husband, and as the town's part-time sheriff, it was up to Will to rescue her, and keep the residents of Possum Trot happy knowing that he was watching out for them. Now, to top it all off, his best friend, Paulie Johnson, had discarded her riding togs for a fancy dress and suddenly started looking like prime wife material. Poor Will was beginning to wonder just what was going to happen next!

The Deputy's Bride & Sitting Pretty

by Liz Ireland Cheryl Anne Porter

The Deputy's BrideArrested for loveTrouble with a capital T-that's Ruby Treadwell! Heartbreak Ridge's wildest gal has deputy sheriff Cody Tucker ready to throw in his badge. Ruby's had enough of the local life and her overly protective brothers. So she's chosen the shy, sexy lawman to help her bust out of town! Cody's happy to help, since he doesn't want to fall prey to her sultry charms...even if the only way is to whisk her off on a honeymoon!Sitting PrettyIt could happen to you...Jayde Green is in one heck of a fix. After landing a job house-sitting for tycoon Bradford Hale, she should have been sitting pretty. Only, she hadn't expected having to tell her parents a tall tale just to keep her job. And she definitely hadn't intended to fall for her gorgeous employer! It couldn't get any worse-until her family showed up to meet Brad, their new son-in-law...!

Downhome Darlin' & The Best Man Switch

by Liz Ireland Victoria Pade

Two novels for the price of one! In "Downhome Darlin, " Abby Stanton sets out to prove she's not boring and predictable by being a wild woman the day of her wedding. She attempts to woo cowboy Cal Ketchum, but he happens to be looking for the girl-next-door. In "The Best Man Switch, " best man Grant Whiting tries to avoid being set up with a maid of honor at his friend's wedding by having his identical twin stand in. Only later does Grant realize he wants Mitzi--but it may be too late.

The Groom Forgets

by Liz Ireland

It was to be a practical marriage... Blessed by the bride's father and the IRS. Except for one problem: Allan Steele never made it to the wedding. He had a run-in with a cow! For Jane Fielding, being left at the altar by the love of her life was nothing compared to finding out her workaholic fiancé had gotten amnesia in the accident--after apparently changing his mind about marrying her. To boot, she had to play nursemaid to the forgetful groom--the new Allan who couldn't keep his hands off her. But Jane had strict orders not to excite the how could she get the old Allan back to tell him he was going to be the father of her baby?

Heaven-Sent Husband

by Liz Ireland

RISING STARGorgeous young widow seeks man. Good looks a plus!After four dateless years, why were men suddenly sending Ellen Lantry seductive messages and red roses? Including dreamy-eyed Simon Miller, who offered her a birthday evening of dance, champagne and chocolate mousse. Instead, Ellen celebrated with her cat, a TV dinner and Casablanca on the VCR. But...was that her dead husband sitting in Rick's Café?Before her eyes Abel appeared in the flesh-on a mission to find her a man, thanks to his long-distance personal ad-and he'd narrowed her choices to five! But how was she supposed to start a romance with her dead husband looking over her shoulder?

The Hijacked Bride

by Liz Ireland

Bride-to-be Cathy Seymour refuses to let abduction keep her from the altar--even if her kidnapper is the hunkiest guy this side of Brad Pitt. She intends to get back to her stable banker fiance, by hook, crook, or via a tiny bathroom window. Hale Delaney is rarely on the wrong side of the law or of a woman. But the kidnapping is done as a family favor, and he and his feisty captive are oil and water. Which leaves Hale stuck with Cathy "and" a big question: Did that little commandment about thy brother's wife hold true for fiancees as well?

The Love Police & Rough and Rugged

by Liz Ireland Colleen Collins

THE LOVE the name of loveTricia "Pudgy Pat" Peterson has returned to her hometown in a blaze of glory! Only now she's not so pudgy and is about to marry a gorgeous, Beverly Hills dentist. It's a dream come true for the duckling-turned-swan. That is, if her best friend's interfering brother doesn't mess things up. The hunky cop is determined to interfere with her walk down the aisle! And Tricia, who realizes that she's not completely over her teenage crush, is tempted to let him....ROUGH AND RUGGEDLiney Reed's recipe for a Rugged Man:1 tsp bad-boy1 sprinkle of dark and sexy1 c dreamyBring to a rapid boil. Let simmer for three or four days over heated glances. Serves one sexually-primed female executive.When L.A. executive Liney "Dragon Lady" Reed hires Harley-riding, macho Raven Doyle to be her "rugged man" model for the cover of Cooking Fantasies magazine, she has no idea just how rugged-or how hot-her fantasies will get. Talk about cooking!

Millie and the Fugitive

by Liz Ireland

The long arm of the law couldn't stretch far enough to catch Sam Winter. But a pair of shapely legs attached to a Texas heiress had stopped him in his tracks. And the last thing he needed was sassy Millie Lively with outrageous notions about "helping" him escape! But the participants in this escapade soon realized they had been captured....LOVE ON THE RUN!

The Outlaw's Bride

by Liz Ireland

Emma Colby had a knack for finding trouble...Until the day when trouble-by the name of Lang Tupper-found her! The handsome outlaw lay half-dead on her doorstep, but couldn't help stealing a kiss before falling into a blissful state of unconsciousness. What a pickle Emma was in-first in her care for waifs, then by having her spoiled sister drop in and finally, by housing an outlaw!What Emma dreamed of was a love of her own. Perhaps the dashing but arrogant sheriff or-better yet-the passionate scoundrel who slept nearby. With everyone making decisions for her, what harm was there in faling in love with a wanted man?

The Pink Ghetto

by Liz Ireland

Sometimes Life Imitates Art. And Sometimes Life Imitates Really Bad Art. . . Rebecca Abbots life has just gone from vintage feather boas to boring office casual. Thanks to Sylvie Arnauds heart attack, shes out of a job. But its Sylvies French, vaguely famous name on Rebeccas creatively embellished resume that lands her an associate editor position at romance heavyweight Candlelight Books. Editing is a far cry from scouting out exotic groceries, which is pretty much all Rebecca did for Sylvie, but Candelight is offering an actual salary to go with her positions actual workload, and the rent is way overdue on the railroad flat she shares with her friend Wendy and her mooching ex, wanna-be writer Fleishman. Working for Candlelight is nothing like the plots of their syrupy novels, though. In fact, its a lot like being stuck in an estrogen-heavy Fellini film. Between protecting her back from rival editor Cassies repeated stabs, attempting a relationship with a sexy literary agent, wondering about Fleishmans new secret "project," and discovering her first truly talented author, Rebeccas learning that the business of romance is hardly a nine-to-five thing--and that editing out all her mistakes will never lead her to "happily ever after. . . " Liz Ireland spent the better part of her twenties in New York City, pursuing her artistic dreams (i. e. working retail) and learning to cook frugally with lentils. She was an assistant editor at a well-known monolith of romance publishing when she decided to chuck it all and run away to Austin, Texas, where for several years she dedicated herself to the fine art of hanging out. Liz is now tied down to several pets and a husband and lives a mushroomly existence in the Pacific Northwest, where she is hard at work on her next novel for Strapless.

Prim and Improper

by Liz Ireland

Ty Saunders Was Nothing But A Big, Brawny Reprobate-And, Oh, Lordy, How She Wanted Him!But that was impossible, Louise Livingston protested. She had her standards, after all...while he had a smile stolen from the devil himself. Still, she'd be darned if she'd give in to temptation!There were few women in town like Louise Livingston. Heck, in this played-out mining town, there were practically no women, Ty admitted. But that didn't take away from the fact that Louise was a combustible mix of spitfire and saint. And he was just the man to start the fireworks!

Sex and the Single Cowpoke & Lovestruck

by Susan Macland Liz Ireland

The first story is about a female attorney in Texas who runs into the arms of a cowboy when her life is threatened, and forgets about her career when he starts sweet-talking and kissing her. The second is about two competitive reporters who are racing to get the story about a love potion discovery, and end up in bed together.

This Christmas

by Liz Ireland Jane Green Jennifer Coburn

The holidays can sometimes make or break a relationship. Now, in this trio of warm, witty, insightful stories, three very different women face questions of the heart that could change all their Christmases to come . . . When her husband's job takes him away from home indefinitely, a restless suburban wife and mother must confront Christmas alone-and decide whether she's better off that way . . . A newlywed is haunted by thoughts of her husband's first wife-and comes up with an unusual plan to cure herself in time for Christmas . . . Longing to fit into her family's picture perfect holiday celebration, a young woman finally brings home the perfect boyfriend-only to find that nothing is as she expected. Infused with the hopes and dreams of the season, these entertaining and exquisitely written stories by New York Times bestselling author Jane Green, Jennifer Coburn, and Liz Ireland will inspire your Christmas spirit, and stay with you all year long.

Trouble in Paradise

by Liz Ireland

Roy McMillan Had Vowed to Live and Die a Bachelor!But the McMillan credo didn't set too well the day that Ellie Fitzsimmons stepped off the train in Paradise, Nebraska. The confounded beauty lit up an October day with her sunshine. And though she was there to visit his brother, Roy had trouble keeping that fact in mind-and not making a complete fool of himself!Ellie was in a pickle! And no amount of fabric could hide her secret for long. Roy McMillan only added to her troubles with his devastating smile. But when Roy learned the truth, would he still want to make their own little paradise on earth?

A Western Family Christmas

by Liz Ireland Mary Mcbride Millie Criswell

CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS FROM THE TEXAS HILL COUNTRY TO THE LONESOME KANSAS PRAIRIES IN THIS HEARTWARMING COLLECTION OF STORIES FROM HARLEQUIN HISTORICALS.MILLIE CRISWELLChristmas EveA handsome drifter and a lonely spinster rediscover the joys of the season when they are snowbound during the holidays.MARY MCBRIDESeason of BountyA Civil War doctor turned ne'er-do-well gambler finds love and redemption in the unlikely arms of a beautiful widowed shopkeeper.LIZ IRELANDCowboy ScroogeTake one jilted mail-order bride. Add three bratty orphans. Throw in a cantankerous cowboy. Result? A Texas-size family Christmas!GATHER 'ROUND THE CAMPFIRE FOR A WESTERN FAMILY CHRISTMAS!

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