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Abby's Christmas

by Lynnette Kent

Noah's come home!Abby Brannon and her father, Charlie, run the Carolina Diner-the place where everyone in town comes for Abby's special brand of TLC. Abby longs to travel, to see other places-to have someone take care of her for once. And she has someone special in mind for that job. The trouble is, no one knows what happened to Noah Blake after he disappeared from New Skye fifteen years ago.Noah's return sends a shock wave through the town-especially when everyone starts talking about where he's been. But should Abby believe what she hears, or should she trust her heart?

The Ballad of Dixon Bell

by Lynnette Kent

He's always loved her.Dixon Bell has loved Kate Bowdrey for as long as he can remember. Everybody in town knew him as the shy kid who carried around a guitar-and as the guy who disappeared after high school graduation. After thirteen years away-spent nursing a broken heart and becoming a successful songwriter-he's discovered that Kate is available again, so he's coming home to New Skye to make all his dreams come true.But L. T. LaRue-Kate's soon-to-be ex-husband and one of the most powerful men in town-has other plans for Dixon. Dixon just happens to own a beautiful old plantation house, and L.T. wants to use that property for high-priced condos. And he wants Dixon to stay the hell away from Kate. But Dixon's not selling-he has big plans for that house, plans that include Kate and her kids. And he's certainly not giving up the woman he loves. Not again. Not without a fight.

Christmas at Blue Moon Ranch

by Lynnette Kent

He Was Coming Between Her And Her Family Legacy! Willa Mercado might have to sell off a piece of her late husband's valuable south Texas land. . . but she isn't about to let some sweet-talking stranger back her into a corner. Even if Major Daniel Trent has the sexiest smile she's ever seen. Then the wounded military hero proposes a business arrangement that feels like anything but business. Daniel has three months to prove to the widowed mother of three that he was born to the ranching life. But spending quality time with Willa and her kids makes him realize what he's been missing. With his courage tested in ways he never imagined, Daniel vows to make this a real family Christmas by convincing Willa to take a chance on a love that comes once in a blue moon. . .

A Convenient Proposal

by Lynnette Kent

He spies her on the beach in the Florida Keys-a stunning stranger in a low-backed white dress. They toast to the New Year and share an unforgettable midnight kiss. Then Griff Campbell proposes. . . ;. Arden Burke doesn't want a husband. Forced to give up her concert career, the world-renowned violinist has her devoted rescue dog, Igor, for company. But what she'd really like is a child. All she has to do is accompany Griff back home and be his fianc#xE9;e for a few weeks. In return, the small-town Georgia vet will give Arden the baby she wants. It may not be the love match of the year, but they'll both get what they need, right? That's not how Griff sees it. What started out as a temporary solution to soothe his male pride is turning into a real future. One that includes Arden, her dog and their soon-to-be baby!

Expecting the Best

by Lynnette Kent

9 MONTHS LATER He's done raising kids...or is he? As the oldest of eleven children, Denver cop Zach Harmon spent a lot of time helping out with his siblings. Now he's enjoying his freedom, and although he loves his nieces and nephews, he doesn't plan on having a family of his own. Then Shelley Hightower invites him to a dinner being held in her honor. Shelley's a perfect date--beautiful, funny, independent, everything he admires in a woman. The whole evening passes like a dream--and the truth is, neither of them wants it to end. So when the blizzard begins, it seems logical to take shelter for the night.... Together. Six weeks later, he learns there's a baby on the way. Unexpectedly, Zach finds that he's looking forward to giving up his bachelor life for the woman he loves--and their child. All he has to do is convince Shelley!

The Fake Husband

by Lynnette Kent

Mr. Archer does not existJacquie Archer has a secret. But now she has to come clean-she never had a husband. She made him up as a cover for the biggest mistake of her life-her affair with Rhys Lewellyn. Although that mistake gave her the greatest gift she's ever received-her daughter, Erin-now Jacquie is facing the huge challenge of trying to put things right with her daughter, her family and her friends.Will Erin forgive her, especially after she finds out who her father really is? Jacquie has no choice but to find out....

Harlequin American Romance April 2015 Box Set

by Rebecca Winters Lynnette Kent Linda Warren Barbara White Daille

Harlequin® American Romance brings you four new all-American romances for one great price, available now! This American Romance box set includes Her Rodeo Man by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Linda Warren, Texas Rebels: Egan by Rebecca Winters, A Montana Cowboy by USA TODAY bestselling author Barbara White Daille and The Cowboy's Little Surprise by Lynnette Kent.If you love small towns and cowboys, watch out for 4 new Harlequin® American Romance titles every month! Romance the all-American way!

Harlequin American Romance May 2016 Box Set: The Texas Ranger's Family\Twins for the Bull Rider\Her Stubborn Cowboy\A Marriage in Wyoming

by Rebecca Winters Lynnette Kent Patricia Johns April Arrington

Harlequin American Romance brings you four new all-American romances for one great price, available now! This box set includes: THE TEXAS RANGER'S FAMILY Lone Star Lawmen * by Rebecca Winters When Natalie Harris's ex-husband is killed, Kit Saunders is called in to investigate. The Texas Ranger quickly learns that Natalie and her sweet infant daughter are in danger...and he's the best man to protect them. TWINS FOR THE BULL RIDER Men of Raintree Ranch * by April Arrington Champion bull rider Dominic Slade loves life on the road. But Cissy Henley and her rambunctious twin nephews need a man who'll stick around. Will he give up the thrill of the arena to be the father they need? HER STUBBORN COWBOY Hope, Montana * by Patricia Johns When they were teens, Chet Granger destroyed Mackenzie Vaughn's relationship with his brother--or so she thought. But it turns out the noble rancher, now her next-door neighbor, may have had the best of intentions... A MARRIAGE IN WYOMING The Marshall Brothers * by Lynnette Kent As a doctor, Rachel Vale believes in facts, not faith. Which is why there can be nothing between her and the town's cowboy minister, Garrett Marshall. The only problem is that Garrett believes the exact opposite... If you love small towns and cowboys, watch out for 4 new Harlequin American Romance titles every month! Romance the all-American way! Join to earn FREE books and more. Earn points for all your Harlequin purchases from wherever you shop.

Harlequin American Romance October 2015 Box Set

by Lynnette Kent Pamela Britton Sasha Summers Amanda Renee

Harlequin® American Romance brings you four new all-American romances for one great price, available now! This Harlequin® American Romance box set includes:HER RODEO HERO (Cowboys in Uniform) by Pamela BrittonAfter an accident, Natalie Goodman is looking to start over, but she needs Colt Reynolds's help. The rodeo cowboy tries everything to resist falling for the beauty, but he's no match for her sweet kisses&#8230 A COWBOY'S CHRISTMAS REUNION (The Boones of Texas) by Sasha SummersHunter Boone broke Joselyn Stephens's heart years ago. Now Josie has a chance at happiness, but she refuses to come between Hunter and his son--no matter how much she wishes she could be part of their family.A HUSBAND IN WYOMING (The Marshall Brothers) by Lynnette KentReporter Jess Granger is determined to unearth the truth about artist-turned-rancher Dylan Marshall. But the closer she gets to the taciturn cowboy, the more she wonders if what she's found instead&#8230is a Wyoming husband.MISTLETOE RODEO (Welcome to Ramblewood) by Amanda ReneeHandsome bull rider Chase Langtry just wants to be left alone after his dismal showing at the National Finals, but reporter Nola West is determined to get the scoop&#8230and the man!If you love small towns and cowboys, watch out for 4 new Harlequin® American Romance titles every month! Romance the all-American way!

A Holiday to Remember

by Lynnette Kent

Tonight, Chris Hammond is getting the truth, even if it means crashing the snowy gates of the Hawkridge School. Chris is convinced he's found his childhood sweetheart, a girl he loved and lost twelve years ago in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. It's her, he's sure. Only...she doesn't seem to know him at all.Jayne Thomas's past is a mystery, even to her. But as Hawkridge's headmistress, Jayne knows her future is clear. She'll be spending Christmas snowed-in with seven cranky students and an intrusive though quite attractive stranger. At least he's handy with an ax...and his lips.Chris knows he can't force her to remember, or himself to forget. He must love Jayne for the woman she's become. Or risk losing her all over again...

A Husband in Wyoming

by Lynnette Kent

Cowboy Confidential Dylan Marshall is a man of many secrets, and journalist Jess Granger is determined to uncover them all. First, why did he suddenly abandon his promising art career? <P><P>And why, after a two-year hiatus, did he agree to a new exhibit of his work? Most of all, how is it that Dylan can make a city girl like Jess imagine staying at the Circle M forever? Jess is so busy working on the handsome rancher's defenses that she doesn't realize he is quietly eroding her own. She came looking for a story that would save her job and do justice to Dylan's sculptures. But when it comes to Dylan, Jess discovers that the real story might be about finding her true home. ALSO INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME A HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by Laura Marie Altom

Jesse: Merry Christmas, Cowboy

by Lynnette Kent

Includes an excerpt from Daddy by Christmas, by Patricia Thayer.

The Last Honest Man

by Lynnette Kent

Phoebe Moss is engaged to be marriedAnd what a catch! Adam DeVries is a hardworking, intelligent man who's running for mayor of New Skye. After years of avoiding the trappings of a relationship, Phoebe finds herself pulled toward Adam-despite his strange aversion to dogs. And he certainly seems to be attracted to her.But the engagement isn't realPhoebe Moss is a speech therapist who has been secretly helping Adam with his stutter-an impediment that could cost him the election-and they've had to hide the real reason for their constant companionship. Now they're both wondering how and when to tell the truth-the engagement is fake, they're not really in a relationship. But neither one of them seems to want to break the news....

Luke's Daughters

by Lynnette Kent

HIS FAMILY BELONGED TO HIS BROTHER NOW.... Luke Brennan met Sarah Randolph on the worst day of his life. His brother's wedding day. The bride was Luke's ex-wife; the flower girls, Luke's daughters. Six years ago when Matt Brennan was reported missing in action and presumed dead, Luke had married Matt's heartbroken fiancee to give her unborn child a name. Gradually the marriage of convenience grew into something more -- and a second baby was born. Then Matt returned to claim his family. Now only Sarah knows how much effort it takes for Luke to step away from his life -- and his daughters. Only she knows how much he hurts. And only she can begin to fill the emptiness in his heart. If he'll let her....

Married in Montana

by Lynnette Kent

Set against the magnificent background of Montana comes the saga of the Maxwells - one of the state's most influential ranching families. Ranching is in Thea Maxwell's blood, just as it's been in her ancestors' for generations. But now the family's in danger of losing everything because Bobby Maxwell, Thea's teenaged brother - heir to the Walking Stones ranch - has broken the law. Thea longs to confide in Rafe Rafferty - the man she's falling in love with. But Deputy Rafe Rafferty is the law, and anything Thea tells him could be used against Bobby. How can Thea risk sacrificing her brother and her family home? How can she risk losing Rafe? Miniseries: Big Sky Country #1

Matt's Family

by Lynnette Kent

She loved one Brennan brother -- but she married the other... Kristen had known the Brennan boys forever. She'd loved Luke as a friend, but she'd been in love with Matt for as long as she could remember. Then, just before her 18thbirthday, the army posted Matt to Africa. Months later the dreaded telegram arrived: Missing, presumed dead. Young, scared, and pregnant, Kristen turned to her friend Luke. Together they agreed that getting married would be best for her baby. Slowly Luke and Kristen turned their marriage of convenience into a real one, and a second baby was born. Then five years later, Matt Brennan -- the man she'd never stopped loving -- came home....

Now that You're Here

by Lynnette Kent

Emma Garrett's honoring her father's last request -- find Jimmy Falcon and give him a medallion that rightfully belongs to him and his people. It's been more than 20 years since Emma last saw Jimmy, and she looks forward to seeing him again. But when she tracks him down she discovers that this Jimmy bears very little resemblance to the proud young Sioux she'd once been in love with. This Jimmy's cynical about his roots and wants nothing to do with the gift -- or its secret. But Emma's changed, too. Years ago she gave up on Jimmy too easily. This time the stakes are higher....

One More Rodeo

by Lynnette Kent

This talented author's first Superromance is one you won't want to miss! Jeff Buchanan never knew why Mickey York walked out on him the day of their wedding. At first he was hurt-he and Mickey had been best friends since childhood, and were as close as two people could be. Then he was angry, and finally anger turned to concern as time went by and there was no word of Mickey. But he never stopped loving her. Now, ten years later, she's back, and he's determined to get an explanation. But Mickey's still guarding her secret. Is she also guarding her heart? One more rodeo-one more chance?

The Prodigal Texan

by Lynnette Kent

Making amendsNo one expected Jud Ritter to return to Homestead, Texas, least of all mayor Miranda Wright-the woman he made a fool of right before he left town for good. Miranda has enough on her hands trying to stop the crimes directed at recipients of the land giveaway program she started. And must now finish, if some people in the town get their way...An Austin police officer on leave, Jud's here to help find the culprits, reconcile with his estranged brother-and apologize to Miranda. He misses their old rivalry and had never planned to hurt her. But he hadn't realized how much she meant to him until he saw what Miranda was willing to put on the line for the town-and for him.

The Scrapbook

by Lynnette Kent

Anyone looking at the photographs in Celia's scrapbook would see a portrait of a wonderful marriage, from Celia and Mack Butler's beautiful white wedding-the beginning of her life as a Navy wife-to her growing, smiling family. But Celia's life is not so easily summed up in photographs. The value of these moments frozen in time is the stories behind them. From the sweetness of a child's birth, or the excitement surrounding a much-belated honeymoon-to the crisis that almost tears her family apart. From the love that began, almost by chance, all those years agohellip;.

Shenandoah Christmas

by Lynnette Kent

Will Christmas come to Goodwill, Virginia, this year?Ten-year-old Maddie Tremaine is supposed to be the announcing angel in the town pageant this Christmas. But unless they can find someone to direct the show, Maddie's dream won't come true. Her dad's not much help. Ever since her mom went to heaven, he's been too sad to think about the holidays. He hasn't even met Miss Caitlyn, the new choir teacher, who'd be the perfect person to run the pageant.Then somehow-maybe because it's nearly Christmas-Maddie's wish comes true in the best possible way. Her dad and Miss Caitlyn are going to produce the pageant together. Suddenly her dad's smiling again. And her little brother-who stopped speaking after the accident-is beginning to talk.As for Maddie? She's going to be the best announcing angel Goodwill has ever seen!

Single with Kids

by Lynnette Kent

Two one-parent families...With a busy job and two young kids, Valerie Manion is always looking for volunteers to help with her scouting program, Girls Outdoors! Single father Rob Warren signs up, mainly so he can keep an eye on his disabled daughter, Ginny. Valerie is looking out for Ginny, too. In spite of her cerebral palsy, she's a regular girl with growing pains-and she needs a woman to talk to. Will she open up to Valerie-the way Valerie's son, Connor, is opening up to Rob?Or one big happy family?Valerie's got growing pains of her own. She values her independence, she's proud of her children and her life. Is there room for more? She's falling for Rob, but the stakes are high. Can Val trust her heart-and make two families into one?

Smoky Mountain Home

by Lynnette Kent

It's The Only Home She's Ever Known And Ruth Ann Blakely isn't going down without a fight! The equestrian trainer has lived and worked in the stables of The Hawkridge School her whole life. She can't allow some big-city architect to tear it all down. . . even if Jonah Granger is as attractive as he is persuasive. When Jonah moved to North Carolina to be near his stepdaughter, he didn't expect to be raked over the coals by an outspoken horse trainer. Passionately opposed to the new stable he's designing, Ruth Ann is a force to be reckoned with. In more ways than one. . .

Smoky Mountain Reunion

by Lynnette Kent

Some things never changeLike the fact that Mason Reed is as irresistible as the day eighteen-year-old Nola Shannon first fell in love with him. But some things do. Twelve years later the handsome teacher is now the widowed father of a ten-year-old boy who's suddenly making Nola yearn to be part of a family. The last time Mason saw Nola was at her high school graduation. Having her back in their North Carolina town is rekindling feelings that have only grown stronger with time. He and his son need someone special in their lives. Could lovely, caring Nola--the woman Mason has never been able to forget--be that special someone?

A Song for Kate

by Lynnette Kent

The song of his heart Dixon Bell left his hometown of New Skye thirteen years ago with only a broken heart and a guitar to his name. He turned that heartache into a successful songwriting career, but he never forgot the girl he left behind...Kate Bowdrey. So when he learns that Kate is single again, he moves back home to make her his.But his dream of romancing Kate isn't so easily accomplished. Her soon-to-be ex, L. T. LaRue, is one of the most powerful men in town, and he's making both of their lives miserable. Kate's kids are still fragile, and her parents are urging Kate to reconcile with her ex. But Dixon's greatest challenge to a future with Kate...may be Kate herself.

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