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Desert Prince

by Constance O'Banyon

Egypt had finally fallen under the mighty fist of Rome. Queen Cleopatra lay entombed in the arms of her lover, and a false emperor ascended to the throne.... Young Julian Tausrat, Prince of the Badari and blood kin to the late Queen, was forced to flee Egypt. On the island of Bal Forea, he trained in the ways of the warrior and waited for the day when he could return to claim the desert land that was his birthright and the girl who had refused to betray him. The Sabinah he found was no longer the child who had shadowed his footsteps, nor the slender young woman whose untutored kisses had awakened his own desire. This Sabinah held a secret that could free Egypt from Roman tyranny...or sentence Julian and his people to death. Only by trusting in her courage and his own strength could the Desert Prince save both the people he was destined to rule and the woman he was fated to love.

Hawk's Pledge

by Constance O'Banyon

Historical romance

Lord of the Nile

by Constance O'Banyon

The daughter of an animal trainer gets involved with a nobleman-soldier, and with the plots surrounding Caesar, Cleopatra, and young King Ptolemy in ancient Alexandria. Some descriptions of sex. From the book jacket: AN UNCERTAIN CONQUEROR Ramtat saw her tears and was almost undone. "I have no right to touch you since you are under my protection." She took several quick steps away from him. "How can I trust you now? If you can't keep away from me, then let me go home!" Ramtat stalked across the rug to stand before her, capturing her face between his hands and turning it toward the lantern. "The gods have given you the face of a goddess, the green eyes of our queen, and a temper that would sour goat's milk." She stared at him coldly. "I'm glad you dislike me. I would consider it an insult if you thought well of me." Overcome with weariness, he sat on one of the couches. "I've never implied I disliked you." He looked at her, totally confused. He had commanded legions, conquered nations and been covered with glory, but nothing had prepared him for his encounters with Lady Danae. "I am no longer surprised that your father kept you hidden in the country. In the few weeks I've known you, you have made an enemy of Gaius Julius Caesar, the most powerful man in the world, and if you hadn't left Alexandria when you did, you might have toppled the whole Ptolemaic Dynasty."

The Moon and the Stars

by Constance O'Banyon

WANTED: Caroline Richmond started running on her wedding day-the same day her husband died. Her malicious brother-in-law had kept his vow to make her a widow, but she knew he wouldn't stop at that, and her solitary life was filled with fear of him always one step behind her. She thought she'd found a shred of peace in Texas, and at least a glimmer of the life she deserved. But when a mysterious bounty hunter came to town, she knew the wrath in his amber eyes was meant only for her. He found a way to be everywhere she was, speaking words with double meaning in his smooth French accent and making her nerves hum in a way she thought she'd conquered. Wade Renault came out of retirement for one reason: to see a deceptive murderess brought to justice. But when he met the woman pictured in the tintype he'd carried for months, he sensed more panic than treachery. She lived too simply, she seemed too honest and scared. Someone had deceived him, but he would wait it out and get her right where he wanted her, beneath... The moon and the stars.

Ride the Wind

by Constance O'Banyon

Historical Romance set in Texas.

September Moon

by Constance O'Banyon

When petite, onyx-haired Cameron Madrid refused to share her ranch's water supply, Hunter Kingston was furious. The two families had always had cause to feud, but this year of drought was no time for spite. The arrogant, handsome landholder considered asserting his rights at gunpoint--then decided instead to win her with searing kisses and weaken her will with slow caresses. Only when he'd taken all he wanted would he leave the icy beauty and punish her for daring to challenge his authority! Ever since she was a little girl, spirited and proud Cameron had learned of the wrongs the wealthy Kingstons had perpetrated on her family... and all she had ever dreamed of was getting even. But the night strong, dark Hunter showed up at her door, the innocent miss was caught off guard. His deep, masculine voice made her want to hold him close, his strong, tanned hands made her yearn to feel his touch. In the back of her mind she swore she'd never let him use her stream, but now all she could think of was his lips crushing hers, her soft flesh pressed against the firm muscles of his chest-and succumbing to feverish rapture beneath the September moon.

Sword of Rome

by Constance O'Banyon

In the second of an epic new series set in Egypt during the sumptuous reign of Cleopatra, a lovely Egyptian spy loses her heart to a powerful Roman lord, but dares not reveal that she is not the slave she pretends to be. Follows Lord of the Nile, but can stand alone. Some descriptions of sex.

Timeswept Brides

by Mary Balogh Constance O'Banyon Elda Minger Virginia Brown

Four time travel romance novellas: The Heirloom (Balogh), A Dream Across Time (O'Banyon), Man of Her Dreams (Brown), and Bride's Joy (Minger).

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