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After The Dark

by Patricia Rosemoor

Seven Sins Conquer the sin and find true love. At least, that's the theory. But would it hold true? Or would these sins live up to their deadly billing? Flint Armstrong woke from a nightmare to a nightmare--a dead woman in his bed. Charged with murder, he has no alibi, no memory of that night and no one to believe him. Except his sister-in-law. Who may be all he needs. Nicky Keating has always been in love with Flint. And he's always been out of bounds--first by his marriage to her sister, now accused of a crime she knows he didn't commit. When she looks into his intense gray eyes, she knows there's nothing she won't do for this man. But is she saving him from himself--or for herself?

Before The Fall

by Patricia Rosemoor

Conquer the sin and find true love. At least, that's the theory. But would it hold true? Or would these sins live up to their deadly billing? Seven Sins Could love be her salvation? Indicted for a crime she didn't commit, Angela Dragon is determined to find out who framed her--even if that means confronting the mob...and escaping an infuriatingly clever, dimple-flashing bounty hunter. After all, something vitally important is at stake--her honor. Micah Kaminsky's job it to bring this wayward angel home. But as bullets start to fly and bad guys, cops and chivalrous truckers take up the chase, he finds himself wanting to help her...and keep her. When she learns the truth about him, will she still want him, or will his dragon lady let pride keep them apart?

Bloodlust Bundle

by Patricia Rosemoor Crystal Green Erica Orloff Margaret Carter

Dark and dangerous, sensual and beguiling, the mysterious mythic creatures known as vampires invade our dreams with their disturbing erotic power, and inspire our darkest fantasies. Discover the irresistible power...and terrifying peril...of modern-day vampires in this spellbinding collection of stories by four bestselling authors for one low price. Bundle includes Embracing Darkness by Margaret Carter, The Huntress by Crystal Green, Urban Legend by Erica Orloff and Hot Case by Patricia Rosemoor.

Boys in Blue

by Ann Voss Peterson Rebecca York Patricia Rosemoor

Summer in the Big Easy and everything's hot-especially Mme. LaFantary's Voodoo Night. Her chants and scents take her believers on a tour of the magic arts. But when someone falls dead, is it magic...or murder? Only three brothers-members of New Orleans' finest-can find out....Jordan O'Reilly-The youngest, he's out to prove himself-to the force and to Camille DuPree, the woman he loved and lost six long years ago.Liam O'Reilly-He doesn't have to wear the uniform to be a cop; he is the uniform. Honorable, in control, he's a total nonbeliever in the magic arts-and love...until he meets Simone Jones.Zachary Doucet-The illegitimate brother is a renegade on the job, and a ladies' man in his personal life. But can he charm his ex-partner Rebecca Romero?


by Patricia Rosemoor

Despite their uncanny psychic connection, Siobhan McKenna had once pushed Clay Salazar away. Better to break his heart than to be responsible for his death, as her family curse threatened any man she loved. But now the feisty McKenna faces trouble on her ranch-someone's trying to drive the Double JA into the dust! Her solution: hire Clay, a Navajo-trained horse gentler, to run the place. With their special connection severed, his lifeshouldbe safe. But amid growing danger and scandalous revelations, it doesn't take long for Siobhan and Clay to bond-more than psychically. And Clay isn't about to let her walk away from him again. But can their shared passion overwhelm her fears? Or will the McKenna curse claim another victim?

Christmas Delivery

by Patricia Rosemoor

Of all the eerie events in her hometown of Jenkins Cove, Lexie Thornton found none more pulse-pounding than the return of her lover, thought murdered long ago in the misty bogs on Christmas Eve. But the man who stepped out of the shadows was very much alive--and hell-bent on revenge. Simon Shea had changed. The lanky teen had grown into a hardened man, one she barely recognized--but still desired. Lexie had a secret too--the daughter they'd made the night he disappeared. Lexie longed to resurrect their love, but someone wanted to make sure Simon never revealed his secret past.

Cowboy Justice

by Patricia Rosemoor

ALL OR NOTHING--THAT'S THE COWBOY WAY After a lifetime of struggling, Cash Aberu had everything he'd ever wanted--except Reine Kendrick. One touch of her skin and Cash knew he wanted her, this time forever. And with Reine's cousin in danger--his own half brother--did Cash really have any choice? For although he'd amassed a fortune over the years, he had nothing without Reine... A kidnapping. A ransom demand. Reine needed Cash's help if she ever wanted to see her cousin again. But Cash had changed from the gentle ranch hand she'd known to a wealthy stranger. Yet the hard muscled body and the ruthlessly seductive eyes couldn't disguise the pain of his past. She knew he would help her--and she was willing to do anything to convince him...

Cowboy Protector

by Patricia Rosemoor

WAS HE HER KNIGHT IN FADED DENIM?Cowboy rancher Neil McKenna Farrell had never felt the power of his grandmother's legacy. He had no special gifts, unless calf-roping was included. But when he met sassy Annabeth Caldwell, a cowgirl at the Chicago rodeo where he was competing, he had a shocking vision of her in danger! Before he could explain, he and Annabeth were caught up in a robbery attempt and she was nearly killed-just as he'd seen. Something sinister was going on, and Annabeth had unwittingly become entangled in it. Without proof, Neil had no other choice but to protect her himself. Except who would keep him safe from her magical, mind-blowing touch?

Deal Breaker

by Patricia Rosemoor

The McKENNA legacy strikes again, and the consequences could be devastating Bryce McKenna was a cursed man who needed a wife fast-- and childhood friend Hailey Wright fit the bill perfectly. With her brother a hundred thousand dollars in debt to a loan shark, Hailey was willing to vow marriage for the money to save him. But when Hailey's own life came under attack, Bryce feared the McKenna family's dark legacy was the cause. . . . While Hailey's unorthodox gift for sensing ghosts suggested there was more to Bryce's demons than an unsolved mystery, she feared falling in love with her tortured husband. But Bryce's kisses burned too hot. and made the vulnerable beauty forget her life was in jeopardy. Although they'd taken their vows, would the McKenna curse tear their new love apart?

Desert Sons

by Rebecca York Patricia Rosemoor Ann Voss Peterson

Evil has descended upon the sleepy desert town of Sena Pueblo, but is it supernatural or all too human? Three prodigal sons return to their native roots to protect the women they love and the mystical heritage they belong to....DESERT SONSLuke Cordova: Unjustly jailed for a crime he didn't commit, the Pueblo loner trusted no one except his kind uncle, only to lose him in a grisly murder. But to unlock the mystery, he must reveal his dark past to a beautiful stranger before she becomes the next victim.Tom Lahi: After his childhood friend was railroaded by the police, Tom became a warrior in the courtroom. To protect his community, the no-nonsense lawman must trust an outsider and embrace the mystical power within him.Rico Tafoya: Though he makes a mint selling Pueblo art, Rico abandoned his heritage as mystical fluff. But proud local artist Charlotte Reyna won't let him give up

The Desperado (Timeless Love)

by Patricia Rosemoor

WANTED Ryder Smith Dead or Alive He was dangerous--and gorgeous... a man wanted by many... When Willow Kane set out in search of her truant sister Tansy, she never imagined she'd have to go back a century to find her...or that she'd find love in the form of a reckless renegade named Ryder. With his blond hair, blue eyes and dark mustache, Ryder was a dead ringer for the Sundance Kid, with a reputation to match. Though Ryder was a mystery Willow longed to unravel, a century weighed heavily between them, as did a question on her lips: Could their love transcend the boundaries of time?

Fake I.D. Wife

by Patricia Rosemoor

NO COVER CHARGEDNO ID REQUIREDSECRECY GUARANTEEDA desperate mother on the run, Elise Mitchell would face the devil himself to rescue her son from the clutches of a killer. But she never dreamed that posing as the wife of the alluring, secretive Logan Smith would be her only hope to save her child. Logan belonged to an underground organization that helped the desperate take on new identities and seek justice. Elise accepted the protection of Logan's name and vowed to ask for nothing more. But as Logan stood between her and a killer, it was hard to fight the forever feeling inspired by their for-now vows....

Ghost Horse

by Patricia Rosemoor

Though the impetuous Chloe Morgan arrives at the Graylord Pastures (a horse farm in northwestern Illinois along the Mississippi River) welcomed as the new summer tutor, she in reality is there for her own purposes. Her best friend, Dawn Reed, who was home-schooling Nissa Graylord before Chloe, disappeared into the night nearly a month ago. A letter saying she was eloping cut short any police investigation, but didn't satisfy Chloe. She and Dawn were fostered together for several years, so they're like sisters. Dawn would never disappear on her, not like her father had. As Chloe settles in at Graylord Farms, she first suspects Nissa's father Damian Graylord of having something to do with her friend's disappearance. But he's everything to his daughter that her father wasn't to her -- and he's everything she could want in a man. But will he want her when he learns that she's been lying to him about her reasons for taking the job?

Gypsy Magic

by Rebecca York Ann Voss Peterson Patricia Rosemoor

Ten years ago, a Gypsy cursed the sons of three who wrongly accused her boy, Carlo, of murder. Now they must find the real killer before death revisits the bayou. And only true love will break the evil spell they are under....Wyatt: A police detective blinded in the line of duty. He loved Alessandra King-but their relationship ended when she learned his father testified against her cousin Carlo. Now Wyatt was back to prove Carlo's innocence...and that he'd never stopped loving Alessandra.Garner: An attorney who's lost everyone he's ever loved. He agreed to help Sabina King overturn Carlo's conviction, but he didn't plan on falling for the exotic beauty-which could jeopardize her safety....Andrei: A man cursed to never fully love a woman. Now he has crossed paths again with socialite Elizabeth Granville, daughter of the murder victim, to help her find the truth-and find love again for himself-against all odds.

Hot Case

by Patricia Rosemoor

NOW YOU SEE HER. . . NOW YOU DON'T Detective Shelley Caldwell believed LaTonya Sanford had been murdered--if only she had a body to prove it. But one minute the victim was lying in an alley, the next she was gone. Was the ace detective of the Violent Crimes Unit seeing things? Shelley was ready to turn in her badge, until another body was discovered--and lost. This time, the only witness was Shelley's eccentric twin sister. Donning her twin's identity, Shelley entered her sister's exotic world and encountered things no rational detective would believe possible--and a man no earthly woman could resist. But could she trust her instincts and find the killer before she became the next victim?

Hot Trick

by Patricia Rosemoor

Shelley Caldwell's career as a Chicago homicide detective is complicated by her city's supernatural underground, her abilities as a sensitive and her half-vampire lover, Jake DeAtley. Meeting a crazy banshee with visions of someone drowning in a trunk is the latest strange incident. Shelley ignores the warning-until famous illusionist Sebastian Cole reveals his new trick: escaping from a locked trunk submerged in the Chicago River. Sebastian gets out alive, but a woman across town isn't so lucky. Then another person is found killed in circumstances eerily similar to one of Sebastian's acts. Shelley is certain there's a link between the magician and the murders. Even more unsettling is the way Sebastian invades her mind and stirs her senses. Not to mention Jake's negative reaction to the man. Can Shelley fight off Sebastian's supernatural influence to determine if he's the killer...or another victim? 69,000 words

Improper Conduct

by Patricia Rosemoor

Nick Novak is shocked when gorgeous Isabel Grayson suddenly reappears in his life. She'd broken his heart once years she suddenly needed his help? Nick's price is high-a no-holds-barred sexual fling with him. Maybe then he can get her out of his system.Isabel is shocked by Nick's "proposal." But she desperately needs his assistance to find her runaway sister. By day she'll accompany him on the hot streets of Chicago. By night she'll make love to every way possible. Maybe then she can get him out of her system.But nobody expected what happened next....

In Name Only?

by Patricia Rosemoor

Dark-haired and distinguished, Michael Eagan caught everyone's eye, but none more so than Flanna McKenna. Even Flanna's parents couldn't resist playing matchmaker, desiring nothing more than a son-in-law to continue their heritage. But Michael was really an investigator out to catch a thief, in her life by design. Yet the fire he ignited in Flanna led her to accept his proposition of a mock marriage. It started as an arrangement of convenience, but Michael's rough charms were nothing compared to the magic Flanna spun. After all, it was her legacy. . . .

The Last Vampire

by Patricia Rosemoor Marc Paoletti

A bestselling romantic suspense author teams up with a talented new horror writer for a paranormal suspense thriller. A superhuman special ops agent and a brilliant female scientist pair up and square off against an undead Spanish Inquisitor torturer who's up to his old tricks. Original.

A Lover Awaits

by Patricia Rosemoor

Phoebe Grant wanted Simon Calderon more than she wanted her next breath.Simon was a rare mix of white-hot masculinity and protective tenderness, and their attraction was all consuming. His merest touch sent shivers racing up her spine, yet he asked for the one thing Phoebe couldn't give-her heart.The apparent murder suicice of Phoebe's sister and Simon's twin brother had shattered Phoebe's illusion of love. Yet only in Simon's arms could she escape the pain of her sister's death. And then just when she felt her defenses weakening, the real killer made his existence known. Now if Phoebe and Simon didn't act quickly, the killer's next crime of passion could mean their deaths....

Lucky Devil

by Patricia Rosemoor

JoJo Weston tried not to be impressed by the obviously dangerous man standing before her...oozing sensuality. Lucky was a Donatelli - not to be trusted, not to be messed with. Could he possibly even be the one who'd been waiting...watching...moving in on her...? The only thing JoJo knew about Lucky was that for six long years he'd managed to stay out of sight. Now he was back...and more mysterious than ever. JoJo wanted to believe that he wasn't the one staging her 'accidents,' but he was always there...ready to play the hero...ready to console her.

Mysterious Stranger

by Patricia Rosemoor

A COWBOY WITH A SECRETCurran McKenna was charmed not only with devastating good looks, but also with the ability to communicate with horses-a gift passed down from his grandmother. But when the Irish playboy was called to Kentucky to help gentle a crazed horse, he discovered that the beautiful owner needed some tender loving care herself-and that his connection to her was more than magic....Jane Grantham had barely survived the night she and her beloved horse were brutally attacked by a deranged madman. Now her only hope of winning the Thoroughbred Millions cup, and staying alive, was in the hands of a mysterious, soul-stirring stranger who claimed he could heal her horse-as well as her heart....

Never Cry Wolf

by Patricia Rosemoor

The McKenna LegacyDoes Donovan Wilde have what it takes to fulfill it?It's said that a lone wolf is only alone because it is searching for its mate. But not so for recluse Donovan Wilde, who barely acknowledged his long-lost McKenna family legacy, let alone true love.... Until Laurel Newkirk found him.Laurel claimed she was engaged to him-but this Donovan was stronger, sexier than the impostor who ran out on her. Laurel made Donovan yearn for love-and an attack on his father made Donovan long for family. But when he returned to the family that claimed him, would he find a welcoming embrace...or was he putting himself-and Laurel-at the impostor's mercy?

On the List

by Patricia Rosemoor

ONLY ONE MAN COULD KEEP HER SAFEAgent Renata Fox always trusted her instincts when it came to the law-and men. She knew the Feds had accused the wrong person of being the cold-blooded Chicago Sniper, but her persistence somehow landed her on the real killer's list. Someone wanted to silence her-for good-and the only man she could turn to was mysterious stranger Gabriel Connor, who had his own undercover team tracking down the sniper. Deep in her soul, she knew she could trust Gabe with her life, but could she trust him to protect her heart?


by Patricia Rosemoor

Horse trainer Aidan McKenna had the sight, the ability to glimpse into the future. He also had a family curse that threatened the life of any woman he loved. So when the dreams began-searing, erotic dreams starring his new partner, Cat Clarke-he resisted his fierce desire with all his strength. Because Aidan knew the dangers of ever falling in love again.Aidan and the beautiful horse breeder had staked everything on their racing venture. But when Cat's missing stable manager turned up dead, it became clear they had more to lose than races. If he couldn't stop himself from loving her, Aidan knew he had to find a way to defeat destiny to save the woman of his dreams.

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