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by David Hagberg Dean Ing Stephen Coonts R. J. Pineiro Dale Brown Harold Coyle Larry Bond James H. Cobb Barrett Tillman Ralph Peters

Ten military fiction authors reveal in their short novels how war will be fought in the 21st century.


by R. J. Pineiro

Computer scientist Pamela Sasser leads the quiet life of a professor at Louisiana State University, until her research uncovers a bug in the new Perseus computer chip. The Perseus is at the heart of thousands of commercial and military systems, including the PaloVerde nuclear plant, site of a massive nuclear meltdown that killed tens of thousands and left millions a future filled with radiation illness and cancer. Billionaire Preston Sinclaire, chairman of Microtel Corporation, the manufacturer of the Perseus, is at the pinnacle of his power, about to be elected President of the United States. No one knows that the Perseus caused the meltdown. No one, that is, except Pamela Sasser. Harrison Beckett is a professional assassin, contracted to eliminate Sasser. A former defense intelligence agency operative, Beckett has eliminated dozens of targets. But he is not a cold - blooded killer; he is a man with a moral code who has only killed those who clearly deserve to die. He has been told that Sasser is a traitor to the United States, a purveyor of computer secrets essential to our national security. But Beckett does not know that he has become the pawn of a shadowy organization known only as the Web -- founded during the Vietnam war by an enterprising black - marketer named Preston Sinclaire -- with tentacles that reach to the very highest levels of the Pentagon, the source of Beckett's contract. While Beckett draws closer to killing Sasser, who has only begun to suspect the danger that she is in, sudden twist and turns show truths to be lies and reality to be far from what he believes. And, all the while, bugs in the Perseus continues to surface, costing the lives of more and more Americans. It is only a matter of time until another disaster occurs in one of the half dozen other nuclear reactors equipped with the chip. When this becomes clear to Beckett, the knowledge becomes his death warrant, and the hunter suddenly finds himself the hunted. As Sinclaire and the Web close in, Sasser and Beckett find themselves unlikely allies -- and far more. And only they can prevent a murderer from becoming President of the United States and save the lives of millions of Americans.


by R. J. Pineiro

They say heroes are made, not born. A year ago, in the sky over Iraq, a hero was forged in the heat of battle when Navy Lt. Kevin Dalton destroyed Saddam Hussein's secret arsenal of nuclear missiles. In R. J. Pineiro's much-anticipated sequel to Ultimatum, Dalton, a hero as great as Stephen Coonts' Jake Grafton or Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, now works for the CIA. As Saddam prepares to strike at the heart of the United States, Dalton finds himself facing the ultimate horror: nuclear weapons on American soil. Acquired from the Russian mafia through an infamous international arms dealer, three warheads of mass destruction are smuggled into the United States. They are Saddam's revenge for his defeats at the hands of America. Reunited with the beautiful Mossad agent Khalela, Dalton must untangle a web of conspiracy that leads from Jersey City Mosques to the back waters of Virginia, from Atlantic City casinos to the bayous of Louisiana. Only he and Khalela can prevent the weapons from reaching their separate targets: New York City, Washington, D.C., and the President's birthplace, a small town called Hope.


by R. J. Pineiro

A faulty computer chip causes a fatal train accident, sending its manufacturer into a downward spiral. When the chip is traced to sabotage, an FBI agent and a hacker team up to investigate before the next shutdown.


by R. J. Pineiro

Saddam Hussein is on the move again, but this time he is armed with nuclear-tipped missiles. Purchased from a former Soviet republic, hidden beneath the Iraqi sands, Saddam's new atomic arsenal points toward Tel Aviv and Tehran. To say nothing of the additional war heads he is smuggling into New York city and Washington, D.C. The tension is pushed to the boiling point when Saddam's guns begin shooting down American planes in the middle east. Aimed at provoking the second Gulf war, he leaves President Clinton no choice but to respond. For Navy Lieutenant Kevin "Crackers" Dalton, the conflict has become personal. Shot down over Iraq while trying to avenge the death of his commander at the hands of an Iraqi ace, he finds himself coupled with Khalela, a beautiful and mysterious Mossad agent, and the band of Kurdish rebels she leads. Together they will face death as they try to uncover Saddam's hidden nuclear facility before the United States finds itself facing a deadly ULTIMATUM.

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