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Another Fine Myth / Myth Conceptions (Myth #1, #2)

by Robert Lynn Asprin

Skeeve, a magician's apprentice until his master's murder, meets the "demon" Aahz, a dimension traveler. This is where the adventure begins.

Myth Directions (Myth #3)

by Robert Lynn Asprin

Tanda jumps in to a gloomy afternoon, Aahz and Skeeve have nothing to do and it's raining. Tanda wants to go shopping and drags Skeeve along with her. She's looking for a birthday present for Aahz, but what she chooses causes a civil war when she and Skeeve try to steal it. Tanda is captured and Skeeve returns to Klah to try and explain just how they bumbled things so badly as to be caught. So now they have to retrieve Tanda, except she's under a sleep spell and held captive by one sides magician. Aahz's birthday present is a hideous trophy which is won by an annual game to determine the ruling city of the dimension for the year, so when Skeeve and Aahz steal it again the opposing sides in the war decide that the game shall be replayed, this time with 3 teams, the winner gets both Tanda and the trophy. So it's off to Deva to gather a team, to play a game who's rules the team doesn't know with players the team has never seen. Game day arrives with some terrible surprises and some hilarious play by play from Skeeve and Gleep.

Myth-ing Persons (Myth #5)

by Robert Lynn Asprin

This is the fifth book in Robert Asprin's celebrated comic fantasy series about the lively exploits of an enterprizing magician and his demon mentor,. Skeeve is in a real pickle this time. His partner Aahz has disappeared and it looks like foul play. Finding Aahz ought to be a snap for a talented magician like Skeeve, especially with a sassy apprentice and a dumb but brawny bodyguard along for the ride. The trouble is, they're sleuthing in another dimension: a strange and chilly realm where day is night and humans are considered monsters. Add a murder rap, a couple of vampires, and the fact that magic doesn't work here, and you've got a trio in real hot water-that is, unless Skeeve finds a different trick up his sleeve! Here is the order of The Myth Books by Robert Asprin: ANOTHER FINE MYTH, MYTH CONCEPTIONS, MYTH DIRECTIONS, HIT OR MYTH, MYTH-ING PERSONS

Myth-nomers and Im-pervections (Myth #8)

by Robert Lynn Asprin

Skeeve goes to Perv in search of Aahz. His only companion is the djin Kalvin he rescued several books ago. Together he and Kalvin learn why Perverts, sorry pervects are so disliked throughout the dimentions and why most off dimention travellers avoid their dimention like the plague.

The Price of Victory (Thieves' World Omnibus #3)

by Robert Lynn Asprin Lynn Abbey

Includes Aftermath, Uneasy Alliances, and Stealer's Sky.

The Shattered Sphere (Thieves' World Omnibus #2)

by Robert Lynn Asprin Lynn Abbey

Sanctuary-dangerous, decadent city of magic and menace ... the unique metropolis whose stones and stalls, taverns and towers have been lovingly built in story after story by such top spinners of modern fantasy as Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey, C.J. Cherryh, Janet Morris, Andrew Offutt and Diane Duane.

Wartorn: Resurrection

by Robert Lynn Asprin Eric Del Carlo

Wartorn: Resurrection is a 300 page fantasy written by Robert Asprin and Eric Del Carlo and first published in 2005. It appears to be the first book in a fantasy series set in a world that calls to mind Ancient Greece. The novel has Aspirin's comic outlook and his expertise in military tactics and strategy. Matigan, the ambitious ruler of a powerful city-state, has plans to unite all the city-states of the isthmus. To achieve this end, he directs his secretive sorcerers to resurrect the soul of a legendary military genius, Dardas, and infuse it into the body of Lord Weisel, who then takes command of his army. The plan works well until Dardas begins to develop ambitions of his own and scholars begin to recognize in his successful campaigns the tactics of their long dead martial hero.

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