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Mafia Fix (Destroyer, #4)

by Warren Murphy Richard Sapir

FROM THE BACK COVER: Convicted and condemned to death for a crime he didn't commit, Remo Williams has been resurrected and reprogrammed..not as a normal, functioning human being, but as a cold, calculating death machine...created to destroy in order to preserve...a lethal weapon that has no loyalties, that can only be used in an extreme emergency...and aimed with the utmost care. Forty seven tons of heroin are somehow smuggled into the town of Hudson, U.S.A. and then disappear without a trace. It was enough "horse" to supply the illegal market for six years and put every small time peddler in America right out of business, so that every narcotic trail would lead back to one corrupt and evil source, the Mafia. At an emergency conference in the White House the President decides the operation is too big for any Federal security force to handle.. there is only one alternative -- CURE, the organization that doesn't exist, and its very special agent, Remo Williams.

Mindblower (Destroyer #142)

by Warren Murphy Tim Somheil Richard Sapir

When a bunch of greedy professors stole his patent idea, engineering geek Harry Kilgore got mad. And he got even. With his portable air cannon, capable of smashing anything to smithereens with the pure gravitational hammering of a 300 mph gust of wind, he can blow off rocks, bullets, poison gas, Masters of Sinanju--and, of course, all sense of ethics, morality and the law. Harry is stoked on the glory that nothing can stop him from doing whatever his crazy mood strikes-and right now, that means extorting billions of fun money from a Colombian drug cartel. As this maniacal geek and his supersonic air cannon leave a trail of pulverized victims in his wake, CURE must stop him before he rules the world with his mighty wind. So how does Remo figure on blowing Harry out of commission? Blow harder.

Missing Link (Destroyer, #39)

by Warren Murphy Richard Sapir

When the drunken money extorting brother-in-law of the pressident mysteriously disaperas off the face of the earth, half the world applauds, but remo and Chiun are still sent to track him down.

Next of Kin (Destroyer #46)

by Warren Murphy

Long Synopsis: FROM THE BACK COVER: Remo and Chiun arrive at the vacation paradise of St. Maarteen, only to find they're deep in Dutch. The beautiful island has been the scene of some very ugly goings on. A lot of corpses have been showing up, each one baring the unmistakable stamp of Sinanju, the ancient Korean martial art known only to the two men. The trail of bodies leads to a strange castle and a young Dutchman, a man, it turns out, who's taken a blood vow to send both disciple and mentor to their deaths. A man who knows all their secrets and has a few of his own. It's up to Remo and Chiun to stop him, but this time they're skating on thin ice. And if they slip, the whole world may go under.

Oil Slick (Destroyer, #16)

by Warren Murphy Richard Sapir

When someone starts systematically killing all those who may hinder the grasp of the oil companies on America Remo finds he is confronted once again with the ancient Sinanju prophacy that he fight Chiuns nephew Nuihc.

Political Pressure (Destroyer #135)

by Warren Murphy Richard Sapir

CAMPAIGN One by one, America's most corrupt public servants are dying violent deaths. Call it coincidence, call it a spontaneous clamor for a cleaner, brighter America, call it years of clever plotting by a brilliant mastermind, or simply call it just deserts. Suddenly there's a new flavor on the political menu�a campaign so white, it's blinding the American public. The juggernaut that is the Morals and Ethics Behavior Establishment�MAEBE�is on a roll. Will its ultrasecret enforcement arm, the White Hand, kill enough scumbags to make their guy the wfie/toy of the Presidential race? MAEBE! Will Orville Flicker succeed in his murderous, manipulative campaign to win the Oval Office? MAEBE! Can Remo and Chiun stop the bad guys from getting whacked�at least until CURE officially pays them to do it? MAEBE! It's time to give the competition some competition. No ifs, buts, or MAEBEs about it.

Prophet of Doom (Destroyer #111)

by Warren Murphy James Mullaney

The secret of Apollo's Delphi Oracle is discovered. It is put to use to foretell future events for profit. Problem is, it is being used by a religious group that Smitty thinks could go like Waco. Remo is sent to investigate. Meanwhile, in the area around the church, many young girls are being kidnapped, including the daughter of a senator.

The Sky Is Falling (Destroyer, #63)

by Warren Murphy Richard Sapir

THE MURDEROUS MONEY MACHINE. It was hotter than sex. It packed a bigger punch than the H-bomb. And best of all, it was worth a sky-high pile of blue chips for the company that could make and market the machine that could tap the full energy of the sun. Chemical Concepts was the lucky firm, and its gorgeous VP Kathleen O'Donnell wasn't going to let a few glitches like maybe burning the earth to cinders or sparking a thermonuclear war keep her from milking the machine for all the billions of bucks she thought it was worth. Only Remo and Chiun could stop this sexplosive lady executive from making the ultimate corporate killing-unless the dynamite O'Donnell used the burning power of the sun and the heavenly heat of her body to stop them first. ...

Unpopular Science (Destroyer #136)

by Warren Murphy Richard Sapir

REPULSIVE FORCE. A rash of perfectly executed thefts from military research facilities puts CURE in the hot seat. Bad enough someone is stealing top secret technology that can seriously disable the superiority of the U.S. military. Worse, whoever is masterminding the conspiracy knows about the existence of CURE and is cleverly engineering its self-destruction. The trap has been set for Remo and Chiun to flip the off switch of the technogenius behind an army of remote-controlled killer machines. But the tenacious enemy has found the weak link in the Sinanju armor. Nastier than a scourge of deadly titanium termites, more dangerous than the resurrection of a machine oil/microchip battle-bot called Ironhand, is the juice used to power them all up: an electromagnetic pulse that can unplug Remo and Chiun long enough to short-circuit CURE beyond repair.

Voodoo Die (Destroyer, #33)

by Warren Murphy Richard Sapir

Remo and Chiun replace the CIA in the Caribbean and wind up fighting a Communist/witchcraft conspiracy! Black Magic When Reverend Prescott Plumber goes to the island of Bagia in the Caribbean to save souls and bodies, he discovers a fantastic happy drug the natives call "mung". However, when it's shot with radiation, it turns people into puddles. It's deadly. And so is pro-Communist Generalissimo Sacrist Corazon - President for Life of the island - when he gets his hands on the Mung Machine and aims it at innocent Reverend Plumber. Suddenly, the world is beating a path to Corazon's palace door. They've heard about the mung device and everyone wants to have at it - the Chinese, the Russians, the CIA. That's where Remo Williams, the Destroyer, and his teacher, Chiun, come in. But even they are stumped when Comrade Corazon not only manipulates Russia and China into building competing missile bases on Bagia - he also starts casting spells, as chief priest of voodoo, their way. As a last-ditch equal opportunity gesture, the CIA sends in lovely and black Ruby Gonzalez, quite capable of casting her own spells. But even her black magic may not be able to save Remo and Chiun from Corazon's deadly tar pits and the United States from total nuclear extinction!

Waste Not, Want Not (Destroyer #130)

by Warren Murphy Richard Sapir James Mullaney

Remo and Chiun are sent to investigate a machine capable of vaporizing the world's garbage. Final Mullaney offering for the series.

World Without End

by Molly Cochran Warren Murphy

Trapped in the turmoil and panic of Atlantis's destruction is a modern-day man, Sam Smith. He finds himself the target of an international network of conspirators. Mysteriously transported to the past, Sam holds the key to the island's salvation.

The Wrong Stuff (Destroyer #125)

by Warren Murphy Richard Sapir

It's a blast to the past for CURE when an old foe finds a new home at NASA. KILL, CRUSH DESTROY... A mechanical killer space spider goes on the rampage in Florida. This, however, is no simple angry arachnid robbing armored cars and supermarkets. It's the adopted new brainchild of the reality-challenged head of NASA and his elite cadre of Space Cadets. But not even Captain Kirk is aware of the nightmare that's been unleashed in the name of interplanetary exploration. An old enemy is back in action and, with a click and a whir, can morph from titanium spider into his ugly old android self. And with NASA and America's favorite horror writer in his steel-plated back pocket, he's got a leg-or eight-up on his true mission: destroy the Destroyer. This time, failure is not an option.

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