The Five Fingers


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Reviews of The Five Fingers (2 reviews)

2 - Mixed Review


This book is ridiculous. Am I supposed to find it plausible that some combined special operations force trudges up to General Giap, after enduring a long succession of firefights and open hand fighting, only to be ratted out by someone in government who was afraid that the communists would discover who was behind the planned assasination of Giap? Am I supposed to buy the stupid idea that communism would be thwarted by a small unit of soldiers? Silly me. The successful way to write exciting fiction is to provoke in the reader a willing suspension of disbelief. I got so mad at this book that I karate chopped it across the room.


This book was amazingly good. if you're a war buff, you'll love this book. its a heartwrenching story about war. i didnt really get the ending. i had no idea what happened to the others. the ending leaves a lot of loose strings.