Black Hills

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4 - Good Review


Black Hills is a classic love story enhanced with some lovely mystery to really further the plot. It is a long book, but quick to read. The setting and characters are realistic and believable. The book leaves you wanting to join Cooper and Lill in their passions for the wilderness. Cooper and Lill both take the roles of main characters. It depends on the reader, to which is more important. Lill has a passion for animals, cougars specifically and she has opened a wild life reservation to pursue her passion. Cooper has cared for his grandparents, and now just wants to care for Lill. Both characters are in love, in denial, and are incredibly genuine people. I would recommend this book to most female older readers. It is a romance, so it is more targeted for the girls. There are some sexual scenes, making it best for older readers. It is however, a most enjoyable read.