Reviews of Darkfall (1 review)

5 - Excellent Review


Dean Koontz brings us another great story. Someone or something is terrorizing New York. Strange creatures with glowing silver eyes stalk the streets. Men are found murdered in their homes. Homes with very tight security. Yet, the murderers slip in and out of the homes without being caught. Two police officers, Jack Dawson and Rebecca Chandler are assigned to the case. Rebecca is annoyed with Jack for his suspicion that voodoo has something to do with the murders. In time Jack is proven right when the murderers start coming after his own children. Unable to kill the beasts coming through the wall vents in his sister inlaw's apartment, Jack flees with the kids and Rebecca. But the demons still follow them. Desperate, Jack visits a good voodoo sorcerer and learns that he, Jack possesses a special power of his own. He must use this power to defeat the evil raging in New York and forever close the gates to Hell.