The 4-day Wonder Diet: Lose Ten Pounds in Four Days

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Reviews of The 4-day Wonder Diet: Lose Ten Pounds in Four Days (3 reviews)

5 - Excellent Review


This book details one of the simplest and most foolproof diets ever to be in circulation. It is relatively short and well-written, with clear and concise instructions, explanations, and easy-to-read menus. Although the information is somewhat dated, this diet accomplishes exactly what it claims to accomplish. If followed to the letter, a dieter can expect to lose anywhere between five and ten pounds in four days, and this weight stays off. At least this has been my experience. It's worth noting however, that every person's body is different, and results will vary for each individual, dependent upon too many factors to list. IMPORTANT! This program is not meant to be followed for any more than four days at a given time, but it does work. The required foods are simple; grapefruit, apples, chicken, hamburger, green beans, broccoli, tomato juice, etc. A substitution chart is provided in case of a particular food allergy or other difficulty in obtaining the necessary foods. Preparation is uncomplicated, and it is easy to prepare all the food for the four-day diet at one time, then refrigerate or freeze it. Exercise is encouraged, but not necessary, in order for this diet to work well. As always, it would be wise to consult a physician before making any drastic change in lifestyle.


Hi! I found a copy of this book in a used book store a few years ago, and bought it in my seemingly neverending pursuit of the perfect quick diet. At the time, I only needed to lose about ten pounds. The first time I tried it, it worked like a charm, and I lost at least five pounds the first week. Although the author stresses the diet should be used only once a month, because it eliminates dairy, grains and alchol, I personally believe you can use the diet more than that if you are in good health, and I personally did it with great success several times. The diet is the most unusual I have ever encountered, in that its menus seem detailed, but after a couple of times, they are so easy to remember. Basically, it is grapefruit in the morning, and various and fantastic combinations of vegetables, meat and fruit. Buy the book, try it, and you will see! After a couple of tough and tragic years, I plan to go on it again to jumpstart my weight loss and lose the thiry or so pounds I have gained. Good luck to you all! Robin G.


About 16 years ago I tried this diet, and loved it. It worked for me then and I was hoping it would work for me now. I have lost the copy I had and would like a new one. Hopefully I can get a copy!!