The Clue of the Dancing Puppet (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #39)

Reviews of The Clue of the Dancing Puppet (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #39) (2 reviews)

4 - Good Review


Nancy Drew, the teenaged detective, and her friends find themselves caught up in another mystery. A mysterious life-sized puppet is seen dancing across the lawn of the Footlighters, a family of actors. Nancy is invited to come and stay and try to solve the mystery. Shortly after she, Bess and George arrive, Nancy is knocked temporarily unconscious by a cannon ball while she, Bess and George explore the attic of the house where they are staying in. A chain of events occur and the girls find that they are involved in something more then just a spook show. Thievery is also involved and Nancy eventually discovers that the dancing puppet is only one of four, and that they are being used to hide valuable necklaces.


This book is so thrilling! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, I could't put it down. I've read many Nancy Drew books but this is one of the best!!!