Class Clown

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Reviews of Class Clown (1 review)

3 - Mixed Review


Lucas Cott is one of the smartest kids in Mrs. Hockaday's third grade -- but he is also the most annoying person. Lucas doesn't mean to be the class clown, so he promises to try to behave, even though it doesn't sound like much fun. Sometimes he gets his head stuck in a chair during a school assembly, and even makes a bet with Cricket, the class brain. He never went to school one day with out either going home with a bad report note to his parents or getting yelled at by the teacher. His teacher has problems with Lucas every day. Cricket always answers all the questions and tells on Lucas. Sometimes when Lucas Cott wants to be a good student his classmates wants him to be funny like a clown or in another words “class clown”. And one day Cricket the smart girl challenged Lucas that if Lucas doesn’t say anything stupid in class the whole day he will get a dollar. Eventually Lucas couldn’t help it not saying stupid and funny things in class so he had to say something and because of that he lost his dollar