Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie: The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell


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182 Pages
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Kristiana Gregory
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Children's Books, History, Literature and Fiction
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Fourth grade, Fifth grade, Sixth grade
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Lisa Salinger
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This is a copyrighted book.


5 out of 5

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My book is Across The Wide and Lonesome Praire By: Kristiana Gregory. This <p> book is about Hattie Campbell and her family. They live in Missouri. Hattie's Uncle <p> Milton died, at his funeral his coffin for caught under a big boat. The captain of the boat <p> said that he would take the family anywhere they wanted for free because of their Uncle <p> Milton's death.<p> Hattie's father wanted to go to Oregon. Which is a six-month trip. He said <p> something to the family about it and Hattie's Mother was very disappointed at first <p> but then made up her mind and they went. They sold their house and other things. <p> They bought lots of foot and supplies for their trip. Then the family left to Oregon.<p> <p> After they got off the boat, they road by oxen and mules. During their travel they <p> saw more people heading toward Oregon also. They all desided to go together. Hattie met<p> a girl named Pepper and they became best friends and shared many advantures together. <p> On there trip there was danger from plants they where not familiar with (like hemlock), from the Indians, from the weather, from crossing rivers and even from each other.<p> <p> Pepper would introduce Hattie to many of her friends. That Hattie soon became<p> friends with. But ufortionaly a lot of her friends got left behind, or lost.