Shadows Edge (Night Angel Trilogy #2)

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5 - Excellent Review


In the sequel to the way of shadows, Kyler has given up his old life. He has moved, and to become an hurbilest to use his powers for good. So he believes. Meanwhile, logan, and his wife are still alive, but logan is in "the hole," a deep underground hole with another hole in the floor where they are mistreated and have to eat other people. Logan has slowly moved up the ranks, but he has a secret. He has the key to get out. Literally the key. But when he attempts to use it, a spy for the king covertly drops it down the hole. Meanwhile, Kyler is trying and failing to stop killing. He only kills people who, (he can tell from the kakari) have done wrong. In an attempt to stop, he masks himself as his old master, Durzo. and sells his sword, Retribution. But he has no idea what it is worth. He uses the money to buy a set of ear rings that intensifies love. Meanwhile, again, Vi, another wetboy tries not to assassinate Jarl, Kyler, and her's friend. But she is under a spell, and eventually does. She kidnaps Durzo's daughter Uly, and heads for the good king. But she does one important thing: she takes the rings Kyler left. Vi and Uly meen Arial, a sister from the chantry, (a magic school) and arial has big plans for kyler and Vi.