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Book Quality:
Book Size:
291 Pages
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Date of Addition:
Copyrighted By:
Chuck Palahniuk
Adult content:
Literature and Fiction
Submitted By:
Liz Halperin
Proofread By:
Liz Halperin
Usage Restrictions:
This is a copyrighted book.


4 out of 5

By on

Palahniuk is one of the "weirdest" authors I've run across. I enjoy proofreading his books because I don't know what I'm going to be doing. He plays not only with content, but with style. Survivor is just his second book, he's written many since. This time he plays with content as usual, but goes for stylistic experimentation. Not only is the timeline out of whack (not just reverse rewound but side-wound), but the actual pages are in the wrong order. At first I thought it was a problem in the conversion from scanning to proofreading, but it's the author. I compared to the print version, and also the running page numbers substantiate it. At first I had a bit of trouble accepting this, but after a few instances, my brain filled it in and made sense of it all. Quite an interesting phenomenon. As for content, the story is also weird. Is this guy on drugs or just bizarrely brained? He lives in the Pacific Northwest, where the continual rain is known to cause algae to grow in the brain and moss in the ears. Maybe he's a product of that. I just know if I see that he's going to do a reading in Portland, I'm going. This guy is too weird to ignore, and his writing has a definite cult following.