Please Stop Laughing At Me: One Woman's Inspirational Story


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259 Pages
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Jodee Blanco
Adult content:
Nonfiction, Teens, Biographies and Memoirs, Health, Mind and Body, Parenting and Family
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Sixth grade, Twelfth grade, Fifth grade, Seventh grade, Tenth grade, Ninth grade, Eighth grade, Eleventh grade
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hiland lady
Proofread By:
Grace Pires
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This is a copyrighted book.


5 out of 5

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This book is the best that you will ever find on abuse, taunting, abusing, cruelty, pain, laughter,people that dont care,to how people change over time. Also how Jodee Blanco had a ton of courage to come of abuse and everything painful to be where she is at today. To tale a life of abuse and pain she is very brave and courageous. I am thankful that she had enough courage to write this book because, I feel as I have that others can learn from this book. Whether they are the ones being taunted or if they are the ones who taunt and abuse others. I was skeptical to reading this book when a friend reccomended it to me and Im glad I did read it. This book, I cant explain how but, It touched me and it changed the way I think about life and other people. It really shows that life is precious and that you shouldnt hurt or do anything to abuse people.I dont think that its right for people to do this but, Im glad that people can see how rude and abusive they are to people. I mean enought that a few people asked Jodee to see if she wanted help writing her book. I dont think its right that it should have to get that far for people to realize how mean and how it affected the people they hurt.I think many can learn not to do this by reading this book.I also like how this book shows that teachers and adults can easily overlook certain things. Whether it is for there job specification like her counselor or not. I wish that my school would reccomend this book to our english classes. I wish it would be a required book to read because it is very worth while. It was a book at first I didnt want to read and once I started, I just couldnt put the book down.