Where Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given

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Nonfiction, Biographies and Memoirs, Social Studies, Law, Legal Issues and Ethics
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2 out of 5

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I'm probably going to be very unpopular for my opinion of this book. If so, come write your own reviews, PLEASE! When I started proofreading this book, I had no idea who Duane "Dog" Chapman is. As a 7th grade drop out, he rightfully thanks Laura Morton for capturing his voice and making it a book. (She was the co-author on his first book too.) He's a felon with hard time behind him, and has turned to the other side, of lawfulness and righteousness. He spends a lot of time defending himself with this turnaround. However, it seems like many people who can equally steer towards crime or crime prevention or the military, he's just steered the other way now. He's still on his motorcycle, he still uses violence as a bounty hunter, he's still running on an adrenalin high. His humility often seems false, while his arrogance of his status as alpha dog and best at this and that and popularity are non-stop. In this volume, he spends an inordinate amount of time explaining the scandal over his use of the word "ni**er" and all the trouble that caused him including having his reality TV program on hold. I found it impossible to keep track of how many ex-wives and how many children and grandchildren and how they were all related. (In the last chapter I found out there were 12 children. One daughter had her first child at age 14, then recently as an adult, her 2nd child.) At the end of the book, Chapman tells about the IRS telling him he owes huge amounts in back taxes. Chapman first rants about politicians and others who don't get punished for this, then says his family will lose everything and have to start over again. The timing of this book may be to bring in necessary funds at this time.