The Passage: A Novel



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770 Pages
Random House Publishing Group
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Justin Cronin
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Horror, Literature and Fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy
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Liz Halperin
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Liz Halperin
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4 out of 5

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What a fun read and twist away from historical generally-accepted ideas of vampires. No Count Dracula here, no hints at sexually-fulfilling vampire bites. Bram Stoker, move over. What we have here is the military developing a virus to use as a weapon. The virus turns people into somewhat physically familiar beings, with rows upon rows of teeth which keep falling out as replaced by others and superhuman strength. The virus gets loose (of course) and like all viruses, its main purpose is to reproduce. Reproduction occurs as a Viral attacks a human and drinks its blood. (Blood-drinking is the only point of comparison with traditional vampire tales.) The Passage mainly takes place over a 100-year span, both pre- and post- apocalypse. The earth is forever changed as small groups of still-humans wonder if they are the last on earth (we never do learn about Europe and some other continents). We follow the new human culture that develops because of the changes and dangers. In the end, we might wonder what happened, did the earth die as the Virals completely took over? We are subtly answered by the named source of some of the content, which is noted to be presented at a conference 1,000 years later. But in what condition were the humans, the Virals, the earth at that time? We don't know. A sequel might be in order here, although maybe not in the 700+ page range.