This Pen for Hire (Jaine Austen #1)

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5 - Excellent Review


“This Pen For Hire” is light on suspense and heavy on the humor – and on desserts as a general rule. Jaine Austen is a free-lance writer more prepared to create ads extolling the virtues of plumbing fixtures than to solve crimes. Despite the fact her only sleuthing experience comes from reading Sue Grafton novels, Austen stumbles her way through a murder investigation and, occasionally, on uneven pavement. Austen, a divorcee, is no paragon of Victorian restraint. Her witty comments, said and unsaid, and the fact she rarely passes on a good meal make her an utterly likeable character. Written in a similar, slightly racier, style as the “Southern Sisters” mysteries, even if you do not consider yourself a mystery fan, this book is worth reading just for the laughs.