Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization


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9781847373038, 9781847393180, 9781416572466, 9781847375070, 9781435679009
Simon & Schuster
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Nicholson Baker
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History, Military, Nonfiction
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Many history books seem to bog down in a tedious retelling of events. But for me, the intrigue of history is how events both cause and affect other occurrences. This analysis truly does have fresh perspective. Who would have known that Winston Churchill was such a public anti-Semite? Today's generations, influenced by our 1960's striving for brotherhood and peace has forgotten how many leaders of the twenties and thirties honestly believed in the power of the battle to solve a nation's problems. Gandhi, for example was widely despised. Anti-war sentiments were more often seen as subversive propaganda rather than a mature desire to avoid violence. Wars against disliked nations were justified with racist attitudes that make us cringe today but were seen as quite normal then. This book reminds us that merely believing in harmony isn't enough.