Sacred Ground



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180 Pages
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mercedes lackey
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Teens, Science Fiction and Fantasy
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Ninth grade, Eleventh grade, Tenth grade, Twelfth grade
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Christine menges
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Cecilia Lee
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5 out of 5

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Sacred Ground by Mercedes Lackey. Mercedes Lackey brings out her wonderful talent in a magnificent masterpiece talking about the Native American people in Oklahoma. Her unique interpretation of tribal magic fits very well with many of the Native American legends. Her thrilling adventures keep one wanting to turn the page to find what other chance encounters will be during the next lines. Lackey’s descriptions of the evil shaman are very vivid, and her description of his power paints him as someone who would be one’s worst nightmare. I love the action in the fight between the two ancient foes. The final magical face off is one of Lackey’s best. I highly recommend Sacred Ground to anyone who has interest in Native Americans or Mercedes Lackey’s Sci-Fi books. Although not like her other books, Sacred Ground has its own feeling to it. The normal Sci powers that Lackey likes so much actually don’t surface in this book; it takes more or less the spirit realm form of magic. Also one can see the race car theme shown a little in this novel. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for adventure in the exotic, passive magical, or looking for extreme adventure in what they love to read.