The Glass Inferno


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Reviews of The Glass Inferno (2 reviews)

5 - Excellent Review


I read this in my early teens--even owned a braille copy in the '70s, when that was still viable and personal computers were still science fiction. As exciting as the plot is, the characters are still memorable after some 35 years. Two feuding fire chiefs--one of whom makes a major mistake when he finds out his son is at Ground 0; a drunken janitor; a tormented Christian who picks the wrong night to listen to the voice of Satan; two trysting lovers who discover a new meaning for the term "hot pillow joint"; an obnoxious TV news reporter who believes blood and death are his yellow brick road to national TV stardom; a family of deaf mutes who can't call 911 in their most dangerous hour--or at any other time; and many many more. I'm not sure what readers will think of this book in 2012, after 9/11, but there's only one way to find out.


Just as the titanic was unsinkable, this fictional skyscraper was supposed to be completely safe. But the builders had cut corners. Filled with suspense and lively characters, all very different from each other, all motivated by their own goals and troubled by their own problems, this book keeps you reading late into the night. Maybe not deep literature, but a great escape; the '70's movie, The Towering Inferno, is based on this now out-of-print book.