Prince Caspian (The Chronicles of Narnia #2)

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The four children that were once kings and queens of Narnia have returned, but this time they are here to help Prince Caspian to get on his throne, which should be his by rights of birth. The problem is that Caspian’s uncle has taken it from him by fours, so the four children with the help of a dwarf and of course, the great lion Aslan himself, must help the prince to get his uncle off the throne. To do this the children must go to Caspian and join the battle for the throne on his side. Of course, in the end, Caspian is put on his throne, and with the help of Aslan they go back home. My favorite character in this story is Prince Caspian himself, because in the book he was very young, but he was able to do so much.