Point of Impact (Bob Lee Swagger #1)

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5 - Excellent Review


I must say, that this is a book with many unexpected twists and turns and that it kept me up all night reading. It does start off a little slow, and the gun talk is a little accessive, but once the book gets moving, it's a real page turner. It has action, suspense, and even a little romance, but not too much to make it a sappy piece by any means. It is a story about a Vietnam war vet who came back from the war after being shot. But not before he earned the reputation of being one of the best snipers in the world. His best friend was killed in action, and the main character, Bobby Lee Swagger, decides to retreat in to solitude. But several years later, some people have other plans for Mr. Swagger, including framing him for the atempted asassination of the president of the United States. For more, you'll have to read the book yourself, but I promise if you find this set-up interesting, and/or compelling, you will find the book itself to be a great read.