Cold Fire



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326 Pages
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Nkui, Inc.
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Horror, Literature and Fiction, Mystery and Thrillers
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Carrie Karnos
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This is a copyrighted book.


5 out of 5

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The fantastic storyteller has made another smashing success. Holly Thorne, a journalist, is witness to an amazing rescue. A little boy who is crossing the street is about to be run down by a drunk driver when he is miraculously saved by a mysterious blue-eyed man who seems to appear out of nowhere. Intrigued, Holly follows the man wanting answers. He tactfully deflects her questions and they part at an airport. Holly, journalist that she is, fumes over the fact that she gained almost no information about the man save his name, Jim. Determined to dig up more on this strange man, Holly searches online for more information. What she finds not only leads eventually to the man himself, but a living nightmare, for she finds that Jim isn't as normal as he seems and now Holly and Jim have to face his demons together and try to survive. The deaths of Jimmy's parents and his grandmother have driven Jim to hate himself and this self-hatred manifests as a terrible monster which Jimmy must defeat in order to survive. Holly also finds that Jim is compelled to save lives by a mysterious power. Surviving a plane wreck, the pair face Jim's worst nightmare - an abandoned windmill. There they find many keys to Jim's past that unlocks the door to the source of Jim's power. An absolutely great story!