Spook Country

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5 - Excellent Review


Absolutely engaging, fascinating, William Gibson as he always does, looks at a segment of our society that we never see.William Gibson is known for his ability to uncannily predict the technological future. He's even better at revealing to us a segment of society, down and out or blatantly criminal, that makes it's living in life in a way vastly different from you and me. Sometimes between the cracks, and sometimes they're the walls themselves that make our cracks.Spook Country isn't one of his "cyber-space" novels, but it has everything that you've come to enjoy in his books: a distopian future, not too far from now, in which those who are determinedly criminal mix-it-up with those who are accidentally criminal. Throw in some true innocents, and a few people with "special" tallents, and you suddenly discover it was never the technology that made William Gibson someone you kept returning to, but all of these other things that are so hard to put an exact finger on.If you start this book, you'll finish it quickly, to the neglect of everything else that you should be doing!