The Chase (Isaac Bell Series #1)



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406 Pages
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History, Westerns, Literature and Fiction, Mystery and Thrillers
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Dave Russell
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Regina Alvarado
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2 out of 5

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I used to be a big fan of the first dozen or so Dirk Pitt novels from Clive Cussler, but I felt he was starting to rehash way too many plot elements, so I quit reading him. So I hadn't read anything by him in about ten years when I found The Chase. The plot looked interesting, and I thought some entirely new characters would give Cussler the chance to do something fresh. Wrong. Honestly, I couldn't finish this book. I left off on page 174 (yes, I made a note of it in case I ever wanted to go back, which I haven't felt compelled to in the two years since I put it down), but the book just wasn't holding my interest at all. Isaac Bell is the typical Cussler superhero who can do no wrong, complete with several scenes where women practically faint as he passes by. Basically, he's like Dirk Pitt with no sense of humor. In fact, setting the story in 1906, Cussler seems to think NOBODY had a sense of humor back then, because the wisecracking of Pitt and Giordino is entirely missing. Cussler was never a great writer of dialogue, but he sinks to new all-time lows in The Chase, with stilted conversations like this: "Hello brother, you're an hour and a half late." "Greetings, sister, I regret I could only move as fast as the engineer drove the train." The detectives continually say stuff like "I pray you capture the murdering scum." While robbing a bank, the villain says, "Make no resistance and walk slowly behind the counter," a line I'm sure would have gotten him laughed right out of the James Gang. Making matters worse, the plot gets less and less believable as it goes on, and I bailed a third of the way through! Maybe I'm missing out, but if things kept on the way they were headed, I was right to quit. Since I didn't read it all the way through, I won't give it the lowest-possible rating, but I can't go higher than two stars. Big disappointment.