The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet (Secrets of Droon #1)

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This story is about three children named Eric, Neal, and Julie who found a rainbow colored staircase in Eric’s house. It was actually in a small closet that they found in Eric’s basement. They went down the staircase and found their way into a secret and magical world called Droon. There they met a princess named Keeah, a spider troll, an evil sorcerer called Lord Sparr, and a very old wizard named Galen. When they first got there, Princess Keeah was taken by Lord Sparr, and the three children along with the wizard Galen and his friend Max, the spider troll, went to Sparr’s palace where she was being held. There they found a carpet that could fly, so they got out by flying out through a window. While they were flying on the carpet, they saw the rainbow colored staircase, so the three children used it to get back home. I liked this book because of all the magical things and creatures that are in it.