The Life You Want: Get Motivated, Lose Weight, And Be Happy

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I'm normally not big on these books written by celebrities. Being Oprah's former trainer simply proves Green is a good salesman because the rich and famous hire confident self-promoters. But here,Green is mainly a cheerleader. The chapters on diet, exercise and motivation are written by experts, who treat ordinary folks, and for me that enhanced this book's credibility quite a bit. In particular, the information on the psychology of hedonism and self-improvement is extremely helpful. Learning why we avoid cardio while encouraging cravings is the first step towards behavior change. Rather than a litany of recipes and diet commandments, this volume brims with tips for improving your fitness, your outlook and your drive. Table of Contents INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1. BARRIERS TO WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS CHAPTER 2. OVERCOMING EMOTIONAL EATING CHAPTER 3. REWIRING YOUR SUGAR-, FAT-, AND SALT-LOVING BRAIN CHAPTER 4. CONQUERING EXERCISE AVERSION CHAPTER 5. TRANSFORMING YOUR BODY IMAGE CHAPTER 6. MAINTAINING WEIGHT LOSS: WHAT WORKS AND WHAT DOESN'T CHAPTER 7. BEING HAPPY APPENDIX 1: THE LIFESTYLE LOG APPENDIX 2: BODY MASS INDEX APPENDIX 3: THE GOLDBERG DEPRESSION SCALE APPENDIX 4: GOAL-SETTING WORKSHEET APPENDIX 5: THE MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEW APPENDIX 6: THE BEST LIFE APPROACH TO EXERCISE --Debee