Against Medical Advice: A True Story


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5 - Excellent Review


Against Medical Advice is a term used in a situation where a patient checks himself out of a hospital in non-conformance to the advice of his doctor. The patient usually needs to sign a form that limits the liability of the hospital in question. The book begins with the protagonist, Cory Friedman taking the step of being discharged from a psychiatric facility against the advice of his doctor. The atmosphere of the institution and the feelings of Cory and his parents are captured vividly. The book then goes into flashback and we learn of Corry's struggle with Tourette's syndrome. The timing is handled well and we move into the present without any abrupt changes. Cory's symptoms started appearing when he was 5. For the next 13 years, he battled Tourette's syndrome. He never really gave up despite of almost setting his house on fire, enduring taunting at school etc., and the family stuck together until he finally conquered it. The book is disturbing especially as it outlines how little doctors know about how to treat such conditions. There were times when Cory felt that he was a labret. I shared those feelings with him as I read his account. The truly interesting bit is that Cory's cure does not come with any fancy medicine but with a determination to do better and pull himself out of the rut that the cocktail of medicines he was taking had gotten him into. Written by Pranav Lal.


This is a really good book. I would reccomend this book to anybody who likes James Patterson.