The Door to December



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Mystery and Thrillers
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Dean Koontz keeps getting better and better. This time he brings us a fantastic story about a little girl who has been imprisoned for the last 6 years. Her father had kidnapped her when his wife had demanded a divorce and started treating her more like a lab rat then his daughter. Forced to endure long hours and sometimes even days in a sensory deprivation chamber and electric chair, the girl finally achieves the goal for which she had been imprisoned - the discovery of her psychogeist. But her captors are soon slain when the girl reacts with terrible rage. Over the course of several weeks, the girl uses her new powers to hunt down the other men involved in her captivity and brutally murders them. Dan who is a cop who takes it upon himself to protect the girl and her mother finally realizes what is happening and rushes to stop the girl before she commits suicide. In an act of pure love Melanie's mother shields her daughter from herself until the suicidal urge of the girl passes.