The Face of Fear

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Brian Coffey
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Literature and Fiction
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This book is like one of those cop and robber movies where the good and bad guys engage in a chase except this time their roles are reversed. A terrible crime is repeated throughout the city of New York. Ten women are found brutally murdered; stabbed several times. At the time of the tenth killing, a man with psychic powers is being interviewed by a popular late night talk show. Fearing that he would be caught by the psychic the murderer known only as the Butcher sets out to dispose of both the psychic and his girlfriend. But they prove that they can take care of themselves when they lead the Butcher on a frantic cat and mouse game. The Butcher is infuriated by this and he tries several times to kill them but fails successfully. Finally he is killed when his head is crushed under the blade of a snowplow. This is not, however, the end because the psychic and his girlfriend are attacked by a conspirator of the Butcher's at their own home. Luckily for them, a fellow detective also hid in their house and shot the intruder.