Olive Kitteridge

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5 - Excellent Review


Olive Kitteridge is a truly a literature reader's gem. When I proofread this book, I did not know it was a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction winner. Now I know and am so pleased. I will add that note when I tell friends to read it. Olive is present in all of the stories, sometimes just as a marginal, yet always forceful, character. She is opinionated about everything, but her views change a bit over her working and retired life. Possibly most illuminating is her relationship with her son, and of course her husband. At one time, her husband points out to her that she has never once apologized for anything. Does Life change Olive? Does Olive change Life? I don't know. I still wonder at the outcomes of several stories. Regardless whether you are in a readers' group, be sure to read the first part of the Random House Reader's Group content. The fictional interview between the publisher's rep, the author, and the fictional (?) character of Olive is hilarious.