Robur the Conqueror



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Literature and Fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy
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This book is set at a time when there was a dispute going on between the balloonists and those who believe din aviation that is heavier than air flight. The Weldon Institute is a body comprised of balloonists. They discuss various questions such as how to control the direction of balloons etc. Amongst this assemblage comes an engineer calling himself Robur. He claims that heavier than air flight is possible. He however is ridiculed. To prove his point, he kidnaps Uncle Prudent and Phil Evans the president and the secretary of the Weldon Institute. He takes them in his heavier than air craft, the albatross on a round the world trip and most of the chapters of the book are filled with the places they visit. They have some adventures such as saving a group of prisoners who are about to be hanged in Africa. Uncle Prudent and Phil Evans want to escape since they feel that they are being treated like prisoners. They escape while the Albatross is docked for making repairs and plant a bomb on board. The Albatross is almost destroyed and just when the Weldon institute is about to launch a new large balloon, it reappears. The balloon meets with disaster and the Albatross rescues the crew. The crew is released among whom are the president and the secretary. Robur announces this to the world thereby ridiculing the balloonists once for all. Written by Pranav Lal.