Brothers in Arms: The Raistlin Chronicles, Volume Two


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3 - Mixed Review


Brothers in Arms by Margaret Weis and Don Perrin. This is the sequel to The Soulforge. Brothers in Arms talks about the twin’s adventures in a mercenary troupe. I liked this book, but not nearly as much as the one before. I thought this book had a little too much of the unrealistic quality about it. I liked Raistlin’s training he went through in this book. Learning from a battle mage with next to no magic shows how Raistlin gets his fire powder love. Also the reader can see how Raistlin gets his skill and speed with his spells. This book shows how the War of the Lance really started. I would say that for anyone who has read The Soulforge, this book has more of a fairytale feel to it. I’m not sure why the writers did this, but it appears they underestimate intelligence. If one likes reading stories with the fairytale qualities, you’d like this book.