The Other Side Of Midnight

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5 - Excellent Review


This is one of the 3 best books written by Sidney Sheldon, along with "A Stranger in the Mirror," and "Bloodline." After that, there's no point in reading any of his other stuff. you've had the best, who needs the rest. In this book, Sheldon does what John D. MacDonald did so well-create thoroughly unlikable characters and fill you with the irresistible urge to see how low they can sink into the bottomless quagmire of human depravity. This book is filled with adult content, as are all Sheldon books. The sex is described, as Sheldon unfailingly does it, in gasping (unrealistic) detail. Katherine Alexander is an intellectual, but emotionally crippled and drawn to the worst possible man-a brute who no woman could tame. Noel Page is thoroughly spoilt, runs away from an arrangement her father cooked up for her--and finds herself with the same man Katherine will find later on. The time is just before, during and after World War II--Sidney Sheldon owns this time frame. "A Stranger in the Mirror," also covers this epoch, though it continues to the end of the '60s. This book travels from Chicago to France, back to the States and finally to a frenetic finish in Greece.