KnockOut (FBI Thriller #13)



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417 Pages
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Catherine Coulter
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Literature and Fiction, Mystery and Thrillers
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Liz Halperin
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Liz Halperin
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4 out of 5

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Have you ever wanted to read two books at once but not had the time? Well, Knockout by Catherine Coulter is your chance. This novelist brilliantly puts two stories that have hardly any relation to each other together. Ms. Coulter keeps the reader guessing about both stories from beginning to end, with her brilliant blending of suspense, mystery, and fantasy. Because of some of the graphic elements of this book it is best for older readers. There is a lot of violence, and language at times. Younger children would not be capable of following the rolling plot. While being quite simplistic in some elements the book is intense in others. Although in both of the two stories that make up the novel the characters are children the novel is not built for children. It has violence, death, and is very suspenseful. As for older readers. Any older reader who enjoys fantasy, suspense, and mystery will not be able to put this book down. Autumn is only seven years old but she has a gift. Autumn can speak telepathically to others. Her gift does not work with every person but it works on Dylan, an investigator who pulls the stories together. Autumn is the most relevant character and the one who the reader can really relate to. She is a small girl fighting for everything, always trying to do what is best. She is strong, determined, and independent. Her seven-year-old character can show anyone how to better control a situation. This book was absolutely thrilling. From beginning to end it will keep the reader interested and begging for more. Some of the reasons the book was successful were the blending of genres. This book will apply to the fantasy lover, the thriller craver, the adventure seeker, and the romance searcher. This book has a little of everything for everyone. This is why it makes such an appealing book for anyone who reads it.

3 out of 5

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Note: the given summary of this book only details one of the two subplots. You'll have to read the book to find out about the other one! Catherine Coulter's KnockOut, An FBI Thriller, follows what has become a purely predictable pattern: 2 stories sending Dillon Savich and wife Sherlock Lacey back and forth between subplots. One plot includes a damsel in distress and a local lawkeeper or masculine figure of authority. Those two will be planning their wedding or already married by the end of the book, which is usually about 2 weeks' worth of activity. The other subplot involves danger to the Saviches specifically, especially to their young son at home. All's well that ends well, with most of the criminals dead after the FBI tries to properly get them alive first. Dillon's psychic powers are showing up more often, while MAX, the transgendered computer has become less of a major character. I hope for less paranormal activity and the return of MAX as a major entity. Chapters are short, often just 3 or 4 pages, a perfect commuter book. I've followed this series from the start, and while some of the books have been better, others have been worse. This is another in her tried and true pattern. (I also wonder about all of them always calling Mr. Maitland as Mr. Maitland, even to each other. How realistic is that? What's his first name anyway?)