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Description: A collection of science fiction, fantasy, and space themed books that will keep you in another universe all summer long. #adults #summer

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Title Author Date Added Action
Endurance Scott Kelly 04/02/2019
The Future of Humanity Michio Kaku 04/02/2019
The Space Barons Christian Davenport 04/02/2019
Rocket Men Robert Kurson 04/02/2019
Children of Time Adrian Tchaikovsky 04/02/2019
Out There Michael Wall 04/02/2019
Polaris Rising Jessie Mihalik 04/02/2019
Broken Stars Ken Liu 04/02/2019
Ancestral Night Elizabeth Bear 04/02/2019
The Light Brigade Kameron Hurley 04/02/2019

Showing 26 through 35 of 35 results