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School's Out for Summer

Description: School is out which means more time to discover new great reads! Explore a new world this summer. Ages 8-12.

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Title Author Date Added Action
Words That Built a Nation Mary Kate McDevitt and Dan Tucker and Ellen Scordato and Marilyn Miller 05/07/2018
Good Dog Dan Gemeinhart 05/07/2018
The Lifters Dave Eggers 05/07/2018
The Wild Robot Escapes Peter Brown 05/07/2018
Playing Atari with Saddam Hussein Ali Fadhil and Jennifer Roy 05/07/2018
The Journey of Little Charlie Christopher Paul Curtis 05/07/2018
Bob Nicholas Gannon and Rebecca Stead and Wendy Mass 05/03/2018
Darwen Arkwright and the Peregrine Pact Hartley and A. J. 05/03/2018
The Night Diary Veera Hiranandani 05/03/2018
Hurricane Child Kheryn Callender 05/03/2018
Like Vanessa Vanessa Brantley-Newton and Tami Charles 05/03/2018
Ivy Aberdeen's Letter to the World Ashley Herring Blake 05/03/2018
Ghost Boys Jewell Parker Rhodes 05/03/2018
Short Holly Goldberg Sloan 05/03/2018
Presenting Buffalo Bill Candace Fleming 05/03/2018
Me and Miranda Mullaly Jake Gerhardt 05/03/2018
Mark of the Thief Jennifer A. Nielsen 05/03/2018
Lost in the Sun Lisa Graff 05/03/2018
The Inquisitor's Tale Hatem Aly and Adam Gidwitz 05/03/2018
Hour of the Bees Lindsay Eagar 05/03/2018
The Girl Who Drank the Moon Kelly Barnhill 05/03/2018
Fatal Fever Gail Jarrow 05/03/2018
Dream on, Amber Helen Crawford-White and Emma Shevah 05/03/2018
The Boys Who Challenged Hitler Phillip Hoose 05/03/2018
Beetle Boy M. G. Leonard 05/03/2018

Showing 1 through 25 of 25 results