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Heroes with Disabilities

Description: Learn about the experiences of children with disabilities. This list is a collection of fiction and nonfiction books for children and teens. #kids #teens #disability

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Title Author Date Added Action
The Chance to Fly Ali Stroker 07/12/2021
Mariah Finds a Way Marc Gaskins and Darrin Gladman and Makayla Sutton and Mira Ko and Kathy Crutcher 05/27/2021
I Am Not A Label Cerrie Burnell 05/27/2021
Dragon School Sarah K. L. Wilson 05/27/2021
We'll Paint the Octopus Red Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen 05/26/2021
Uniquely Brave Trace Wilson 05/26/2021
This is My School Mark Weakland 05/26/2021
Silent Lotus Jeanne M. Lee 05/26/2021
She Persisted in Sports Chelsea Clinton 05/26/2021
Mr. Gringle's Magical Wheelchair Natalie Gonchar 05/26/2021
King for a Day Rukhsana Khan 05/26/2021
Juan Has The Jitters Aneta Cruz and Miki Yamamoto 05/26/2021
Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon Patty Lovell 05/26/2021
The Girl Who Thought In Pictures The Story of Dr. Temple Grandin Julia Finley Mosca 05/26/2021
Different is Awesome Ryan Haack 05/26/2021
Completely Me Justine Green 05/26/2021
Benji the Bad Day and Me Sally J. Pla 05/25/2021
All the Way to the Top Annette Bay Pimentel 05/25/2021
Sign Up Here Kathryn Cole 05/20/2021
Benny Doesn't Like To Be Hugged Zetta Elliott and Purple Wong 05/20/2021
Not So Different Shane Burcaw 05/19/2021
Slug Days Sara Leach and Rebecca Bender 05/12/2021
Why Johnny Doesn't Flap Clay Morton & Gail Morton 04/22/2021
Why Are You Looking At Me Lisa Tompkins 04/22/2021
We're Amazing 1, 2, 3! Leslie Kimmelman 04/22/2021

Showing 1 through 25 of 51 results