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Bluebonnet Award Nominations

Description: A list of books selected by Texas librarians, teachers, parents, students and other interested persons for consideration for the current year's Texas Bluebonnet Awards. Titles are appropriate for grades 3-6. List updated annually. #award #kids

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Year Category Title Author Date Added Action
2019 Nominee Slider Pete Hautman 12/12/2018
2019 Nominee Bravo! Margarita Engle 12/04/2018
2018 Nominee Follow the Moon Home Deborah Hopkinson and Philippe Cousteau 11/06/2018
2018 Nominee The Girl Who Drank the Moon Kelly Barnhill 11/06/2018
2018 Nominee The Key to Extraordinary Natalie Lloyd 11/06/2018
2018 Nominee The Great Shelby Holmes Elizabeth Eulberg 11/06/2018
2018 Nominee Little Cat's Luck Marion Dane Bauer and Jennifer A. Bell 11/06/2018
2018 Nominee Lola Levine Monica Brown 11/06/2018
2018 Nominee The Magnificent Mya Tibbs Crystal Allen and Eda Kaban 11/06/2018
2018 Nominee Maybe a Fox Alison Mcghee and Kathi Appelt 11/06/2018
2018 Nominee The Princess and the Warrior Duncan Tonatiuh 11/06/2018
2018 Nominee Soar Joan Bauer 11/06/2018
2018 Nominee Some Kind of Courage Dan Gemeinhart 11/06/2018
2018 Nominee Towers Falling Jewell Parker Rhodes 11/06/2018
2018 Nominee Unidentified Suburban Object Mike Jung 11/06/2018
2018 Nominee Whoosh! Chris Barton and Don Tate 11/06/2018
2019 Nominee Wedgie & Gizmo Suzanne Selfors and Barbara Fisinger 09/04/2018
2019 Nominee The Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13 Joelle Dreidemy and Honest Lee and Matthew J. Gilbert 09/04/2018
2019 Nominee Stef Soto, Taco Queen Jennifer Torres 09/04/2018
2019 Nominee Spirit Hunters Ellen Oh 09/04/2018
2019 Nominee Refugee Alan Gratz 09/04/2018
2019 Nominee Me and Marvin Gardens Amy Sarig King 09/04/2018
2019 Nominee How to Avoid Extinction Paul Acampora 09/04/2018
2019 Nominee Hello, Universe Erin Entrada Kelly and Isabel Roxas 09/04/2018
2019 Nominee The Harlem Charade Natasha Tarpley 09/04/2018

Showing 26 through 50 of 53 results