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Edgar Allan Poe Award Winners (mystery)

Description: The Edgar Allan Poe Awards are given annually by the Mystery Writers of America to honor the best in the mystery genre. Bookshare is pleased to offer the following titles awarded the Edgar Award for best novel.

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A Dance at the Slaughterhouse

by Lawrence Block

A successful socialite's beautiful wife was raped and murdered in her own home -- and Matt Scudder believes the victim's "grieving" husband was responsible for the outrage. But to prove it, the haunted p.i.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1992

New Orleans Mourning

by Julie Smith

Edgar award winner, 1990. Skip Langdon solves the murder of the Mardi Gras king.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1991

Black Cherry Blues (Dave Robicheaux #3)

by James Lee Burke

Dave Robicheaux was once a Louisiana homicide cop. Now he's trying to start a new life, opening up a fishing business and caring for his adopted girl, Alafair.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1990

A Cold Red Sunrise (Inspector Rostnikov Mystery #4)

by Stuart Kaminsky

Inspector Rostnikov has irritated the KGB one too many times. Demoted to the MVD, he has been sent to Siberia to investigate the murder of a minor official.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1989

Old Bones

by Aaron Elkins

With the roar of thunder and the speed of a galloping horse comes the tide to Mont St. Michel goes the old nursery song.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1988

A Dark-Adapted Eye

by Ruth Rendell

In this classic, a niece investigates the shocking secrets that condemned her once proud family Faith Severn has never understood why the willful matriarch of her high-society family, aunt Vera Hillyard, snapped and murdered her own beloved

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1987

The Suspect

by L. R. Wright

A beautifully crafted story about murder, and evil that is perhaps worse than murder. You will not find a more sympathetic murderer in all of literature. The author expertly leads to a conclusion that is both satisfying and disturbing.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1986


by Ross Thomas

When Ben Dill, an investigator for a Senate Subcommittee, gets a call from his home town telling him that his sister, a homicide detective, died in a car bomb explosion, he puts his investigator skills to work to find who killed her and why.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1985


by Elmore Leonard

Joe LaBrava first fell in love with femme fatale movie queen Jean Shaw in a darkened theater when he was twelve. Now he's finally meeting his dream woman in the flesh, albeit in a rundown Miami crisis center.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1984

Billingsgate Shoal (Doc Adams Mysteries)

by Rick Boyer

Winner of the Edgar Award. Doc Adams becomes a self-styled investigator in this mystery, which leads him from a murder on Billingsgate Shoal to an arms-smuggling ring.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1983

Peregrine (Otto Penzler Presents--)

by William Bayer

Newscaster Pam Barrett witnesses a peregrine falcon, on a signal by her falconer, swoop down from the sky and kill a young woman. Her TV account of it excites the falconer and killing follows killing.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1982

Whip Hand (Sid Halley #2)

by Dick Francis

Ex-jockey and private investigator Sid Halley is approached by the wife of an elite racehorse trainer, who begs his help in figuring out why her husband's most promising horses have been performing so poorly.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1981

Maigret in Exile, The Rheingold Route, and The Murder of Miranda

by Georges Simenon and Arthur Maling and Margaret Millar

Contains three books in 1: Maigret in Exile by Georges Simenon, The Rheingold Route by Arthur Mating, and Murder of Miranda by Margaret Millar

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1980

Eye Of The Needle

by Ken Follett

One enemy spy knows the secret to the Allies' greatest deception, a brilliant aristocrat and ruthless assassin -- code name: "The Needle" -- who holds the key to ultimate Nazi victory.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1979

Catch Me Kill Me

by William H. Hallahan

The kidnapping by Soviet U.N. officials of defected Russian poet Boris Kotiikoff sets off a flurry of searches by defensive U.S. government officials, CIA hatchet man Gus Geller, and dogged immigration and naturalization agent Ben Leary

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1978

Promised Land (A Spenser Novel, #4)

by Robert B. Parker

I had been urban-renewed right out of my office and had to move. The previous tenant had been a fortune teller.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1977


by Brian Garfield

Bored with retirement, an ex-spy challenges his old agency to a game Miles Kendig is one of the CIA's top deep-cover agents, until an injury ruins him for active duty. Rather than take a desk job, he retires.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1976

Peter's Pence

by Jon Cleary

The IRA attempts to steal treasures from the Vatican but their plans go horribly wrong.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1975

Dance Hall of the Dead (Navajo Mysteries #2)

by Tony Hillerman

Two Native-American boys have vanished into thin air, leaving a pool of blood behind them.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1974

The Lingala Code

by Warren Kiefer

Murder mystery set in 1960's Africa.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1973

The Day of the Jackal

by Frederick Forsyth

One man with a rifle who can change the course of history. One man whose mission is so secretive not even his employers know his name...

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1972

The Laughing Policeman (Martin Beck #4)

by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö

Eight bus riders are killed and a ninth critically injured in an apparently motiveless crime. But the killer has managed to target one of Beck's best detectives -- and he, surely, would not have been riding that lethal bus without a reason.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1971


by Dick Francis

Winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Mystery Prize for best crime story of 1969, this is another classic Dick Francis mystery set at the racetrack.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1970

A Case of Need

by Michael Crichton and Jeffery Hudson

When one doctor is accused of murder, it takes another to set him free In the tightly knit world of Boston medicine, the Randall family reigns supreme. When heart surgeon J. D.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1969

God Save the Mark

by Donald E. Westlake

As Fred Fitch careers across the New York City landscape - and sometimes skyline - in his meetings with cops, con men, beautiful girls, and (maybe) murderers, he takes on some of the loonier aspects of a Dante without a Virgil.

Date Added: 05/25/2017

Year: 1968

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