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Resources for Returning Veterans

Description: Separating from military service and returning to civilian life can present unique challenges for veterans. This collection contains resources to help veterans and their families making this transition. #general

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Title Author Date Added Action
Adjustment to Severe Physical Disability Charlene Deloach and Bobby G. Greer 05/25/2017
After the War Zone Matthew J. Friedman and Laurie B. Slone 10/19/2018
Among the Walking Wounded Colonel John Conrad 10/19/2018
Back from War Lee Alley and Wade Stevenson 05/25/2017
The Body Keeps the Score Bessel van der Kolk 05/25/2017
Courage After Fire Suzanne Best and Paula Domenici and Keith Armstrong 05/25/2017
Down Range James D. Murphy and William M. Duke 05/25/2017
Down Range Bridget C. Cantrell and Chuck Dean 05/25/2017
Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents, and Survivors The US Department of Veterans Affairs 10/19/2018
Flashback Penny Coleman 05/25/2017
Healing Suicidal Veterans Victor Montgomery III 10/19/2018
I Can't Get Over It Aphrodite Matsakis 05/25/2017
The Invisible Front Yochi Dreazen 10/19/2018
Invisible Wounds of War Marguerite Guzman Bouvard 05/25/2017
Invisible Wounds of War Terri Tanielian and Lisa H. Jaycox and Grant N. Marshall and M. Audrey Burnam and Terry L. Schell 05/25/2017
The Job Developer's Handbook Cary Griffin and David Hammis and Tammara Geary 05/25/2017
Long-Term Care Joseph Matthews 10/25/2018
Making Self-Employment Work for People with Disabilities (Second Edition) Cary Griffin and David Hammis and Beth Keeton and Molly Sullivan 10/19/2018
Memory, War and Trauma Nigel C. Hunt 05/25/2017
The Military Advantage Terry Howell 10/19/2018
Military-to-Civilian Career Transition Guide Janet I. Farley 10/19/2018
Mission Critical Michael Abrams and Julia Taylor Kennedy 10/19/2018
Odysseus in America Jonathan Shay 05/25/2017
Operation Job Search John Weiss 10/19/2018
Out of Uniform Tom Wolfe 10/19/2018

Showing 1 through 25 of 41 results