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National Education Association's Asian American Booklist

Description: Bookshare is pleased to offer the following titles from The National Education Association's Asian American Booklist. #kids #teens #teachers

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Title Author Date Added Action
Allison Allen Say 05/25/2017
All the Colors of the Earth Sheila Hamanaka 05/25/2017
The Amah Laurence Yep 05/25/2017
American Dragons Laurence Yep 05/25/2017
American Eyes Cynthia Kadohata and Lori M. Carlson 05/25/2017
Angelfish Laurence Yep 05/25/2017
Anno's Counting Book Mitsumasa Anno 05/25/2017
Anno's Magic Seeds Mitsumasa Anno 05/25/2017
Baseball Saved Us Ken Mochizuki 05/25/2017
Beacon Hill Boys Ken Mochizuki 05/25/2017
The Beggar in the Blanket and Other Vietnamese Tales Gail B. Graham 05/25/2017
Behind the Wheel Janet S. Wong 05/25/2017
The Best Bad Thing Yoshiko Uchida 05/25/2017
The Bicycle Man Allen Say 05/25/2017
Born Confused Tanuja Desai Hidier 05/25/2017
Boxing in Black and White Peter Bacho 05/25/2017
The Bracelet Yoshiko Uchida 05/25/2017
Butterflies for Kiri Cathryn Falwell 05/25/2017
Char Siu Bao Boy Sandra S. Yamate 05/25/2017
Children of the River Linda Crew 05/25/2017
China Boy Gus Lee 05/25/2017
China's Bravest Girl Charlie Chin 05/25/2017
Chinese Cinderella Adeline Yen Mah 05/21/2018
The Clay Marble Minfong Ho 05/25/2017
The Cook's Family Laurence Yep 05/25/2017

Showing 1 through 25 of 106 results