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Newbery Award Winners

Description: The Newbery Medal is awarded annually to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children. Included are the medal winner for each year, plus Honor books that are in the collection. #award #kids

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Year Award Title Author Date Added Action
1959 Honors Book The Family Under the Bridge Natalie Savage Carlson 05/25/2017
1959 Honors Book Chucaro, Wild Pony of the Pampa Francis Kalnay 05/25/2017
1959 Honors Book The Perilous Road William O. Steele 05/25/2017
1959 Honors Book Along Came a Dog Meindert Dejong 05/25/2017
1958 Medal Winner Rifles for Watie Harold Keith 05/25/2017
1958 Honors Book Tom Paine Leo Gurko 05/25/2017
1958 Honors Book The Horsecatcher Mari Sandoz 05/25/2017
1958 Honors Book Gone-Away Lake Elizabeth Enright 05/25/2017
1958 Honors Book The Great Wheel Robert Lawson 05/25/2017
1957 Medal Winner Miracles on Maple Hill Virginia Sorensen and Joe Krush 05/25/2017
1957 Honors Book The House of Sixty Fathers Meindert Dejong 05/25/2017
1957 Honors Book Old Yeller Fred Gipson 05/25/2017
1957 Honors Book The Corn Grows Ripe Dorothy Rhoads 05/25/2017
1956 Medal Winner Carry On, Mr. Bowditch Jean Lee Latham 05/25/2017
1955 Medal Winner The Wheel on the School Meindert Dejong 05/25/2017
1955 Honors Book Banner in the Sky James Ramsey Ullman 05/25/2017
1955 Honors Book The Courage of Sarah Noble Alice Dalgliesh and Leonard Weisgard 05/25/2017
1954 Medal Winner ...And Now Miguel Joseph Krumgold 05/25/2017
1954 Honors Book Hurry Home, Candy Meindert Dejong 05/25/2017
1954 Honors Book All Alone Claire Huchet Bishop 05/25/2017
1954 Honors Book Shadrach Meindert Dejong 05/25/2017
1953 Medal Winner Secret of the Andes Ann Nolan Clark 05/25/2017
1953 Honors Book Charlotte's Web E. B. White 05/25/2017
1953 Honors Book Moccasin Trail Eloise Jarvis Mcgraw 05/25/2017
1953 Honors Book The Bears on Hemlock Mountain Alice Dalgliesh and Helen Sewell 05/25/2017

Showing 226 through 250 of 330 results